Beyond the Quick Start Guide

Our Quick-Start Guide was your first introduction to Rentec and it offered you the necessary steps to get moving in the program.  Now that you have learned the basics, you are ready to delve into the more detailed aspects of the program! Below are links to commonly used features you'll want to explore to be sure you're taking full advantage of Rentec's robust program.

The Beyond The Basics Guide offers you a printable, detailed resource for your account and can be found AT THIS LINK.

CUSTOMIZABLE WEBSITE: Rentec Direct provides a free professional property management website to all Rentec Pro and PM subscribers. Your free professional website is fully integrated with your property management software so it automatically includes all your vacant property listings, accepts online applications, and gives a single fully branded location for your tenants and owners to login to their portals.  (Be sure to flush out your new website by using the additional instructions below.)  If you are going to be using an existing domain name with this new website tool, be sure to check out these supplemental instructions for pointing your domain name to your new website.

PAYMENT PROCESSING: EasyPay allows you to collect rent, application fees and disburse funds to owners, all while tracking these transaction in the program.  The Cash Payments tool allows tenants to convert their cash to an electronic payment at thousands of locations across the country. Both Payment Processing tools can be found under the Settings tab.

PROPERTY LISTINGS PAGE :  As part of all PRO an PM subscriptions, you are provided a free listings website that will showcase your available rentals and options to  apply online.

LEAD TRACKING:  This feature goes beyond traditional tenant lead tracking systems and automatically matches a prospective tenant to your available properties based on their interests or rental preferences.

ONLINE RENTAL APPLICATION & TENANT SCREENING:  Did you know you can pull credit & criminal reports on applicants right from your program?  Most results are instantaneous!  After you have created your online listings for your properties, you'll want to be sure your online rental application is set, as well as options for Tenant Screening. Click here for a step-by-step check-list.

COMPLEMENTARY PROPERTY ADVERTISING:  Through your PRO or PM software, you'll not only have a listings page, we will advertise your available rentals with our syndication partners with a simple click of a button.  We also provide you an easy-to-use Craig's List Ad-Creator.

TENANT & OWNER PORTALS:  Our PRO and PM customers save time by sharing details with tenants and owners automatically through secure portal access.  

Tenant Portal Welcome Letter:  Introduce the Tenant Portal to your Tenants

Owner Portal Welcome Letter: Property Manages can easily Introduce the Owner Portal to Property Owners

WEBSITE LINKS MARKETING & PORTALS:  You can easily link in your custom-branded marketing page and portals into your own website or they will automatically feed to the website we provide you for customizing.

BANK SYNCHRONIZATION:  To be sure you've captured all your banking transactions, we offer a automated and manual upload tool to bring your bank account transactions into Rentec to help you reconcile.  

AUTO EMAIL REMINDERS:  With auto-email reminders, notifying tenants of new charges and delinquencies has never been easier.

FORMS TEMPLATE:   Rentec Pro and PM subscribers can use the Forms Editor to create a document with data fields that will automatically pull relevant tenant or property information and automatically input them into the form for you.

FILE LIBRARY:  In your program, you can store documents at the property, unit or tenant level.  Just right-click on the name to find the library link.  In your Settings tab, you'll find the Master File Library, offering a list of all of your files stored in the program.  You can also share files that you've uploaded to your file library with tenants and owners.

UTILITY BILLING IMPORT:  Rentec Direct provides support to automate your interaction with utility billing service providers such as ista. The method is a 2-step process and can be done either by the property management staff or the billing service company if you provide them a login to your software.

CAM CHARGES: Rentec Direct offers tools for tracking commercial tenants' Common Area Maintenance charge.

PRODUCT UPDATES:  Our development team is always working to fine-tune Rentec's features and we keep you in-the-loop of any changes we make to the program.

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Follow this link to be taken to our Easy-To-Follow guide in a PDF version offering instructions beyond the basics. 
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