Credit Card Expenses

If you are paying for property expenses with a credit card, and you want to track those expenses, the process is very simple.  

1.  In your Settings/Manage Vendors, click on "add new vendor" and add in your credit card as a vendor.

2. In your Accounts tab, add in a new account for your credit card and set the account type as "Credit".

3.  To post the expense, go to the property tab or account tab for a split transaction (click here for more on split transactions) and post the expense, listing the account as the credit card used and the vendor as the place of purchase:

credit card expenses

 4.  When it's time to pay your credit card bill, post the payment through the Accounts tab by clicking on the dollar sign across from the bank account you're using to pay the credit card bill.  This time, list the property as "none" and the vendor as the credit card and the total amount you're paying the credit card: 

post a payment for a credit card expense

***If you ever need to view a detail of individual purchase you've made with your credit card, you can pull the account ledger report for the credit card (Reports/Account Ledger.)  If you want to see a total of all payments made to your credit card, pull a Vendor Ledger report (Reports/Vendor Ledger) and select the credit card as the vendor.

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