Test Your Merchant Account

If you've set up your merchant account and received confirmation from Rentec that the integration is complete, you can safely test some live transactions using the following instructions.  Please note, these tests may still incur your per-instance transaction fee from the merchant account vendor, if applicable.

  1. Add a new tenant named John Doe.  Be sure to fill in First Name, Last Name, and Phone number at a minimum as those fields are required to process ACH. Make sure to not add in any spaces or punctuation to the names, such as "John, Jr." as they will impede the transaction.
  2. Add a new test property, with a REAL address, city, state, and zip code.   Move John Doe into this test property.
  3. From the tenants tab, right-click on the tenant and choose 'Online Payment'.
  4. Enter your account's routing and account numbers, set the fee to 0.00, and set enabled to Yes.  (The routing and account numbers should be the same as the voided check you provided with the merchant application).
  5. Enable a SinglePay transaction dated today for any amount you wish.  We recommend a small amount, maybe a few dollars.

What to Expect

If you watch your bank statement you'll see the funds specified in step 5 taken out of your bank account within a couple of days.  A few days following you will see the funds deposited.  Had this been a tenant's account you entered in step 4 instead of your own, the debit would have been from the tenant's account and the deposit into your account.

Since this test transaction debited from your account and credited back to your account, no reconciliation for this test case is necessary since it will be a cash-even transaction.

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