Fixing Bank Deposits

If a bank deposit is posted and needs to be corrected, Rentec has support to assist in fixing any deposit mistakes.  First, view the deposit by either clicking the paperclip link within the account the deposit took place, or by viewing deposits from the Undeposited Funds account.

Once your deposit is open you will see a summary of the account and amount; it will look similar to the following screenshot.

view deposit

From here there are two correction actions you can take... 

First, to modify the bank account this deposit went into and/or change the deposit date ... click [change] to modify and a new window will open to allow you to edit.  For instance if a deposit is accidentally posted to the wrong account, you can quickly change the account to any other account here. 

Secondly, for any other errors, you can choose [undo] which will remove the deposit all-together and place all funds back into the Undeposited Account.  This allows you to make corrections and re-do the deposit from scratch.

Both options provide a confirmation dialog before proceeding with the action.

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