Instant Tenant ACH Debits

The tenant payment screen has been expanded to support instant ACH debits to your tenant’s bank account.  Once you have linked your EasyPay Merchant account, you will have a new payment type option when posting a payment labeled “ACH”.  You’ll be presented with fields to enter the routing and account number of your tenant’s checking account (this is pre-filled if the tenant is already set up for EasyPay).

Instant Tenant ACH Debits

Next, just enter the payment amount and the funds will be deducted from your tenant’s checking account electronically and added to yours.  Successful transactions will be recorded in the tenant’s ledger as well as show on the Complete EasyPay report within the reporting area.

If you are a Rentec Pro or PM user and have additional user accounts, by default this feature is off for sub-users.  You can add this feature to any sub-user by toggling the “Post Tenant ACH Payments” permission.

Please note that although this new feature allows you to instantly submit a tenant ACH payment, it may still take the same processing time before the funds are cleared and deposited into your bank account. 

**If using this instant ACH feature you will want to include your ACH fee (if applicable) in the total charge**

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