Setting Up The Program (Legacy)

This help article contains instructions for the Legacy Version of Rentec Direct. More information about the latest version of Rentec Direct can be found here: The Remodel | Rentec Direct’s Newest Software Update

When you first log in, you’ll see six tabs across the top of the program; Summary, Properties, Tenants, Accounts, Reports, and Settings.

Before adding any bank accounts, properties, or tenants to the program, it's a good idea to review the settings and make sure they are set to your preferences. Some of the settings also affect other areas of the program, so we’ll want to make sure they are configured properly before skipping ahead to other parts of the program.

Click on the Settings tab and we’ll get started by going over some of the settings that are most commonly edited.

Settings Tab options


If you hover your mouse pointer over any of the question mark icons located throughout the Rentec program, a tooltip window will open explaining the item in more detail.

example tool tip

Right-Click Menu

Rentec Direct uses leading edge technology in this web application including a right-click menu.

Any time you see a icon on the line, you can either click this icon, or right-click on the line to bring up a context menu of available options, including editing the account.

menu icon

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