Sending Emails to Tenants, Owners, and Vendors (Legacy)

This help article contains instructions for the Legacy Version of Rentec Direct. More information about the latest version of Rentec Direct can be found here: The Remodel | Rentec Direct’s Newest Software Update

It is easy to compose and send individual email messages to Tenants, Owners, and Vendors in the software. The instructions are the same for tenants, owners, and vendors so we will use tenants as the example below. 

System Advice: Clicking on an email address for a tenant, owner, or vendor anywhere in the program will open your computer's default email program. All emails sent from your computer email program are not stored within the Rentec Direct software. If you wish to have all emails sent recorded within your Rentec Direct program follow the below instructions.  

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Tenants.

    1. To send an email to an Owner, click on Accounts
    2. To send an email to a Vendor, click Settings, and then Manage Vendors & Payees
  2. Right-click and choose the Email/SMS option from the menu.

    tenant tab menu options email SMS
  3. Click the Send Email button to open the Send Message window. 

    NoteThis is the same screen to return to if you wish to see a list of all the emails that have been sent out to the selected recipient.  

    tenants tab send email screen
  4. On the Send Message window, you have the option to create an email template, use an existing email template, or compose a message that you would like to send. 

    Information on creating an email template can be found here: Creating Email and Text Messaging Templates

    Pro Users: The 'From:' address will be the email address you have entered on the Settings tab under Your Contact Information

    PM Users: If you are the Primary User on the Rentec account, the 'From:' address will be the email address you have entered on the Settings tab under Your Contact Information. If you are not the Primary User, the 'From:' address will be the email address that was entered for you on the Settings tab under Setup Property Managers

    compose email screen and options
  5. When you are finished composing a message, click the Send Message button. 

Recording Replies

When a Tenant, Owner, or Vendor replies to your email, their reply will go into your computer's default email program inbox and will not post automatically within your Rentec Direct program. To record the reply in your Rentec Direct program follow the below instructions. Again, we will use a tenant reply as our example.

In your Rentec Direct account:  

  1. Click on the Tenants tab.
  2. Right-click and choose the Email/SMS option from the menu.
  3. Click the Record button.

    recording received email
  4. Copy and paste the email that you received. 
  5. When finished, click on the Record Message button to save. 

    Tip: This tool could also be used to log other communication such as voicemail messages and letters. 

example of recording an email

Note: After a message has been recorded, it will then show on the list along with your sent messages.

list of email and texts sent and received by type

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