Account and Third-Party Pricing Changes

We know that nobody likes surprises when it comes to their billing and so in August 2020, we announced our commitment to make sure any pricing modifications are rolled out slowly to any existing Rentec clients.  We also included it within our terms of service, section 3.2.  

Rather than a sudden change in pricing like most others in the industry do, we slowly adjusted any legacy pricing plans by 50% towards the pricing adjustment.

This gives a two-year graceful transition to any new pricing we introduce in the future.  After two years on a pricing plan, your subscription price will be caught up to the price increase. For example, if you've received an email about a price increase and your monthly rate change is from $45 to $55, your pricing will only go up half of the difference, or $5, for the coming year. 

Note: Tenant screening has faced increased regulation in almost every state over the past few years and as such our vendors regularly increase the pricing for the background screening data. As with other costs, we've absorbed most of these increases for the past few years; however, effective January 2023 we will be increasing the package prices by $3.00 to cover the increased costs. This sets the premium screening package at $18.00 which is still about 50% lower than the industry average of $35 for this collection of reports. À la carte screening products will be adjusted proportionately. For third party products like tenant screening, the full pricing change takes effect on January 1st, 2023.

Although prices seldom change, when they do we will inform our clients by email in advance of the changes before they go into effect. If you've received a price increase email and have account questions, please feel free to reach out.   

How do I Know if I'm on the Most Current Pricing Plan? 

It's easy to know your pricing plan and any upcoming price changes.  

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings
  2. Choose Your Account & Subscription

    Note: The subscription rate notification reflects an estimate which assumes your property count remains the same. If your property count increases or decreases, your rate may go up or down accordingly. 

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