Property and Tenant Accounting

Rentec Direct gives you the ability to individually track every property and every tenant's accounting details through the tabs in your program. 
From your properties tab, you will see a complete listing of all your properties, and their balances with icons on the right to post income and expenses. The property balance (for instance, 123 Happy Street has a positive $3,116.15 rolling balance) is also a clickable link to the detailed ledger for this property.
The property ledger provides detailed transactions associated with this property along with links on the top to post new income or expenses to this property. Notice the search & date range filters at the top of the ledger:

The tenant balance and ledger is located through the Tenant tab and you'll have a similar view in their ledger.  You can record payments or post manual charges by using the buttons at the top of the ledger. You will also have an "On Deposit" button in the upper middle that is linked to the accounting of the tenant's security deposits:

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