Blue Moon Integration

Important: When you create a Blue Moon lease for a tenant, the email address of the tenant in the lease needs to be the same as the email address for the tenant in Rentec. Current copies of leases will update each night.
Blue Moon is a powerful tool for creating leases in all 50 States. When you integrate your Blue Moon License with Rentec, you will be able to track your Blue Moon Leases, and share them with Tenants.
Integration with Blue Moon is a simple 2 step process. Let's get started!
1) First, we need to create a Token for Rentec to communicate with Blue Moon. To do this, go to Utilities and enter your Blue Moon username and password.
2) Next, we need to go to the Blue Moon Page in Rentec, and enter the serial for your Blue Moon license.
You're done! Now your license is integrated.
At this point, as long as your Blue Moon tenant email is the same as the one assigned to your tenant, in Rentec, you can manage the lease, view the lease, and view the details for your tenant. Just right click on on a Blue Moon Lease in Rentec
Finally, to share your lease, go to your main file library, find the new lease, and share it!

For help with Blue Moon or using the Blue Moon interface, please contact your support representative at Blue Moon, their contact information is listed here:
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