Printing A Tenant Statement (Legacy)

This help article contains instructions for the Legacy Version of Rentec Direct. More information about the latest version of Rentec Direct can be found here: The Remodel | Rentec Direct’s Newest Software Update

If you need to print (or email) a tenant statement, the software makes it an easy task. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click on the Tenants Tab
  2. From the menu option choose Print Statement 

    Tenant menu choices showing the print statement option
  3. On the Create Statement page, select the date range and the items needed on the statement.

    Create Statement page allows you to choose dates and items
  4. Click the Create Statement button.
  5. From the Tenant Statement, you will be given options to either print, save to computer, or email to the tenant.

Print or email directly from the Tenant Statement

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