Marketing Tools for Attracting New Owners

Not only does your Rentec Direct property management software provide you with all the tools you need to manage owner properties, but also offers these sharable marketing tools and resources to help you attract new owners. 

Marketing Materials Useful for Both Prospective and New Owners

This handout will let your prospective and new owners know that their investments are in good hands with the following sections designed to communicate: 

  • The connection with their properties through the Owner Portal.
  • How to access the Owner Portal.
  • The software tools that fill properties with qualified tenants such as:
    • Advanced Property Marketing Tools
    • Thorough Tenant Screening
  • How the software ensures their tenants are managed professionally with online payments, advanced record-keeping, and enhanced tenant communication tools. 

Client Marketing to Attract Property Owners

Whether you are presenting information to prospective owners or welcoming new owners, this handout will set you apart from the competition showing how you focus on their needs and how the software benefits the owners you serve. 

Welcome your new owners to the industry-leading tools your management software provides with this sharable .pdf here: Client Marketing Kit for Welcoming Owners

To add your personal touches, contact information, or other edits, access to the customizable power-point can be downloaded here: Client Marketing For Property Owners

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