Tenant Starting Balance

If you are transitioning to the Rentec Direct property management software, your current tenants will have either a zero, negative, or positive balance that you'll want to have reflected in the system. 

Tenant Ledger Balance

If a tenant has a zero balance (meaning they neither over nor underpaid) no steps are needed. Additionally, no need to enter a starting balance if you intend to enter historical transactions as that process will create a balance forward. 

But if you simply need a quick ledger starting balance, whether that is a negative or positive amount, instructions are below. 

Posting a Negative Tenant Starting Balance

If a tenant owes any amount, follow these instructions to reflect a negative starting balance.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Choose a Tenant from the Tenant List
  2. Click Post Expense from the Profile Card, Tenant Menu, or from within the Tenant Ledger.
  3. Change the Date to the last day before the first rent charge was posted.
  4. Enter the Amount owed.
  5. Add a Memo.

    System AdviceDo not use the recurring option and it is recommended not to change the category. 
  6. Click Post Expense when finished. 

    NoteThis will create a negative amount on the ledger on the day prior to the upcoming rent charge. 

Posting a Positive Tenant Starting Balance

Follow the same instructions as above except enter a negative dollar amount as this will create a credit on the tenant ledger. 

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