Enable Rhino Security Deposit Insurance on a Property

Once you've created a Rhino Partner account, you will enable Rhino for your properties before inviting your tenants to signup. 

More information on Security Deposit Insurance with Rhino can be found here: Security Deposit Insurance | Rhino

More information on setting up a Rhino Partner account can be found here: Getting Started with Rhino | Security Deposit Insurance

Enable Rhino for your Properties

Before you can invite someone to sign up for Rhino Security Deposit Insurance, you must have at least one property setup with Rhino. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Properties
  2. Right-click and choose Edit Property from the menu
  3. On the Edit Property page, locate and click the Enable Security Deposit Insurance button

    Enable security deposit insurance on a property
  4. A form will open that will pre-fill with available information about the property. Fill in any missing information as necessary and double-check any pre-filled information for accuracy. 
  5. When finished submit the form to enable the property with Rhino. 

Note: Information provided in the form will be shared with Rhino and will be used in any future insurance claims.

After submitting the required information, your property information will be processed by Rhino. This process typically only takes a few seconds. During this time you will notice that your property might transition through this cycle: 

Property enabled for Rhino confirmation

Once the property is enabled, you can then invite your Tenants to sign up for Rhino.

More information on inviting your tenants to Rhino can be found here:  Invite Tenants to Sign Up for Rhino

Rentec Labs Feature New features labeled as "Rentec Labs" are just leaving the "lab" (aka our software developers' workshop). A feature included in Rentec Labs has already gone through rigorous internal testing; however, since it is a big new feature it may have had limited testing outside of our offices. Once the feature has been in use externally for some time with no issues, it will leave Rentec Labs. More information on Rentec Labs can be found here: What is Rentec Labs? 

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