File a Security Deposit Claim with Rhino ✨

Once a tenant has been invited and enrolled in Security Deposit Insurance with Rhino, you'll be able file a claim at any point during or up to 60 days after the lease and Rhino will review and reimburse your claim and work with the renter on repayment options.

Click here for more information on how to Invite Tenants to Sign Up for Rhino

File a Claim Against a Tenant Rhino Policy

Filing claims against a tenant's Rhino policy is simple process done via the Rhino Partner interface. 

In your Rhino Partner account: 

  1. Use the Submit a Claim button shown with the tenant's Rhino Policy Information to navigate to the Rhino Partner interface. 
  2. Follow the directions on the Rhino Partner interface to file your claim.

    File a claim with Rhino

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