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Rentec Labs

Rentec Labs Beaker

If you see our lab beaker next to a feature or page within Rentec Direct, it indicates that the feature is new and just leaving the "lab" (aka our software developers' workshop).

A feature included in Rentec Labs has already gone through rigorous internal testing; however, since it is a new feature it may have had limited testing outside our offices. Features still in the lab may also be discontinued before being fully integrated into the software if they do not work as expected, or if they are not well adopted by Rentec clients.
Although we do extensive and thorough testing, sometimes there are use cases our team has not considered. This means a product or feature in Rentec Labs could still have errors or bugs. If you use this feature, it is provided AS-IS, and you do so at your own risk. If you do find an issue with this feature, please let us know by sending us an email to support@rentecdirect.com
By using a Rentec Labs feature, you agree to the LABS Terms of Service

The following features and updates are currently in the Lab:

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