Refer a Friend

Have you found Rentec Direct useful and want to share the love with a colleague or friend? 

If you recommend Rentec Direct using the Refer a Friend program (instructions below) and they sign up for a paid PRO or PM account, you will receive a $50 credit AND we'll give your friend up to a $50 credit on their service just for knowing you!

How to Refer a Friend

Sending a referral to your friends and colleagues is very easy with these instructions. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. From any location in the software, click the Refer a Friend link at the bottom of the screen

  2. Enter the email address for each referral (one email address per line)

    Refer a Friend Program

    TipAlthough the maximum is 5 per submission, you may come back and submit as often as you'd like to invite an unlimited number of friends. 
  3. Click the Submit button when finished

You'll then be presented with the following window and they will receive an email with a unique link to click on which will credit your account for their referral.

Refer a Friend Confirmation

Details About the Referral Program

  • Your referred friend will receive an email with a unique link to use to sign up for a PM or PRO account
  • After the free trial period ends and they decide Rentec Direct is the property management software for them, we will credit your account $50 (We will keep track of this part, don't worry!)
  • Your friend will see a discount of up to $50 on their second billing cycle
  • There is no unit minimum for referral qualifications as long as your friend signs up for a PM or PRO account from the link they receive via email. 

Rentec Direct Refer a Friend Program

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