Apple / Mac User Help

For our Apple / Mac device users, the following tips may help you navigate within the software. 

How to Copy & Paste

There may be times you need to copy and paste information to and from the software. For example: The HTML code from online advertising tools into a Craigslist add will need to be copied and pasted.

  • To copy/paste within the software, hold the apple logo key (on keyboard) +C to copy or +V to paste

How to Right-Click

Throughout the Knowledge Base you'll find instructions to right-click to find drop-down menu options. While using an Apple / Mac device:

  • Try the Control (CTRL) button on your keyboard and left-click, or
  • Try a long pause with the left-click option (tap and hold)

Devices that no longer show action buttons

Some iPhones, iPads, and other devices may no longer show the "Action" buttons

  • For some devices a long press will reveal the menu

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