Edit, Correct, or Delete Transactions

The following examples illustrate the different ways to edit, correct, or delete a transaction. These same principals apply to any ledger within the system.  

  1. Go to the appropriate tab and enter the ledger (you can click the balance on the right, double click on that line, or hover your mouse on the left to find the 'enter ledger' option).  
  2. Select the transaction you wish to edit and either right click to find "Edit Transaction or Delete Transaction" or use the paper/pencil icon on the right.  From those options you'll be able to edit, correct, or delete.  

    edit or delete a transaction

  3. You will be presented with the edit transaction screen as seen below. Edit any of the values you wish, and click the 'save' button. You may also delete this transaction from the system by selecting the Delete button. save an edited or deleted transaction

*NOTE:  The upper right corner of every transaction tells the system where to post a transaction simultaneously.  When editing, only choose the items in that upper right corner that should be affected by what happened in real life.  For example:  this 110 Charge would not be used on a Property nor Bank ledger as we are only posting a charge to the tenant.     

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