Update Lease Expiration For Tenant

1. Open the Tenants tab and right click on the tenant you wish to change. Choose Update Lease.

2. You will then have the following option. If you ever need to update the move-in date that option is also at this location on the left. For this task we use the form on the right side called 'Update Lease Expiration or Rent'. Enter the new lease expiration date and click the Update Lease button.

Once completed you will see the lease expiration date in the tenants tab.


To set up an alert when a tenant's lease is up for renewal 60-90 days in advance head to Settings/Program Defaults and you'll see an option of how soon you want to be notified of a lease expiration.

The notice will then display on the Summary tab.


To run a report that will show which of your leases are due to expire head over to your Reports Tab>Renter/HOA Reports>Lease Expiration.

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