Forms, Leases, Agreements, and Eviction Notices

Having leases, agreements, eviction notices, and other important forms easily available is important for the busy landlord. 

Users can access these functions in the software:

  • Send a Form to a Tenant or Owner via email.
  • Any Form can be sent through Dropbox Sign (formerly known as HelloSign) to be electronically signed by a Tenant or Owner.
  • Tenants and Owners have access to Forms completed via HelloSign in their File Library through the Tenant or Owner Portals.
  • All your Forms (not documents in a template or draft status) will be available in all Form drop-down menus.

Landlord Specific Forms

We get asked frequently if we provide forms or agreements for landlords. We have created a few form templates within the system that can be modified to meet your needs and saved as a form or a new form can be created and saved. Customizing form templates or creating your own form makes it easy to include your company or state required information. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click on Settings 
  2. Under Program, click on Forms
  3. Click on Form Templates 
  4. Use the paper/pencil icon to open and edit any form

Important NoteThese templates are not state-specific. Before using, edit them to comply with your state laws. 

Instructions for editing and using custom forms can be found here:  Custom Forms Editor

While we do not have state-specific forms available, we do have partnerships and recommendations that work well for our clients. 

Blue Moon Integration

Blue Moon not only offers state-specific forms but also integrates within your Rentec Direct software. It does require a Blue Moon account and login. 

Click here for more information on Blue Moon Integration

LawDepot Forms

LawDepot provides forms for landlords and property managers, including both residential and commercial lease agreements. 

Additionally, if you are starting a business (Corporation, LLC, or partnership) we recommend  LawDepot for those resources as well. They also include a huge array of forms covering most legal topics. 

You will automatically receive a 10% discount on all LawDepot forms if you come from this article.

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