Electronic Signatures with Dropbox Sign

Rentec Direct property management software has integrated Dropbox Sign (formerly known as hellosign) directly into the software, creating a convenient way for you to send out documents such as leases and agreements that will not only auto-fill information from your Rentec Direct account but also allow you to collect signatures and initials electronically. 

With Dropbox Sign integration, you can log into Dropbox and view your documents using the email address from your Rentec Direct account as your user name.  

Pro Tip: If you use your email address to log in to your Rentec Direct account, the password will be the same. Otherwise, a password will need to be created. 

Sending Forms for Electronic Signature to Tenants and Owners

Sending a form out to be electronically signed is an easy task. 

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Tenants or Owners
  2. Right-click on the Tenant or Owner and select Forms
  3. Using the dropdown, select the Form you would like to send that needs a signature and/or initial  
  4. Click on Sign Electronically
    Note: The Primary Signer (Tenant) and Counter Signer (the account manager or user sending the form)will auto populate
  5. If there are Co-Tenants or others that need to sign, click on "Add Signer" to add their information to the form
  6. Click on Send Out for Electronic Signature 
    Note: If you would like to see how the form will look when received, click on Send Test 

Note:  If you'd like to send a test first, click the send test button instead. Test documents will not be added to your count. 

Electronic Signature with Dropbox

Note: Click here to learn more about Adding Forms and Custom Forms Editor in your Rentec Direct account.

What Happens Next

When a form or document is sent out for signature:

  1. All signers on the document will receive an email from noreply@mail.hellosign.com
    1. The primary signer, tenant or owner, will receive the emailed document requesting signatures and/or initials
    2. Additional signers will receive an email letting them know that a document requiring their signature is on it's way
    3. The counter signer (manager or user of the account that emailed the document) will receive an email indicating a document is on it's way and which signatures are pending. 
  2. After the primary signer has completed initialing and signing the document, it will automatically be sent to the next signer on the document until it's sent to the counter signer.


  • The form will require an initial or signature at each designated spot and will not progress to the next page or person until they're complete
  • The counter-signer will receive an email update at each stage of the signature process
  • Reminders are automatically sent to anyone that hasn't signed the document after 3 days and again after 7 days.

Checking the Status of an Electronic Signature 

At any time, you are able to view the status of the electronic signature. 
In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click on Summary 
  2. Under Quick Access, click on Signature Requests 
  3. Click on Pending, Completed, Canceled, or Declined 
  4. Click on the document to view the detailed status of your signature request

Note: This page will allow you to see who has signed, the date signed, who is up next to sign, and who is in the queue to sign next. You can also send a reminder or cancel the request from this page.

Who Can Add or Edit Forms

If you are using Rentec Pro or Rentec PM and have added managers or users, you can choose whether these accounts have permission to add or edit Forms.

The following steps will walk you through setting permissions for allowing access to forms.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under People, click on Managers & Users for PM clients or Users for Pro clients
  3. Click the Permissions link for the user whose permissions you wish to edit
  4. Change Allow access to Forms to YES
  5. Click on Save Changes 

Important Note: There are other forms options available to customize for your users. Please use caution when granting permission to send Forms electronically. Electronic forms are legally binding documents and may also incur charges on your account.

Electronic signatures: $2.50/ea if the signature count exceeds 15% of the property count. (For example: if you have 100 units, your first 15 electronic documents per month are free). This would be extremely rare and is a precaution to ensure we can always offer this service free to everybody.

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