Custom Forms Editor

Rentec Direct property management software subscribers can generate and send documents, such as leases and agreements, with auto-filled information from Rentec Direct accounts and electronic signature collection with the use of Dropbox sign. Rentec Pro and PM users can use the Custom Forms Editor to easily upload a form you may already be using, create a new form, or customize one of the Form Templates in your Rentec Direct account to include your company or state-specific verbiage.

System note: Mozilla FireFox or Google Chrome are recommended when using this tool vs. Internet Explorer

How to Use the Form Editor

Customizing forms is an easy and useful tool in your property management software. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Program click on Forms
  3. Click on:
    1. Form Templates to use a customizable template
    2. +Add Form to create a new form or Import a form you may be currently using
  4. Enter a Name for the form
  5. Click in the content area and begin typing or pasting information that may have been copied from another form to create a document
  6. To insert Data Fields where you want specific tenant, property, or owner information to auto-populate:
    1. Click on the form where the data is to be added
    2. Click the Data Fields dropdown to select the information to be added

      Pro Tip: The software provides common property management data fields. To add additional custom data fields follow the instructions available here: Custom Fields
  7. Click on the Group dropdown to change the form from a draft to a usable form type

    Pro Tip: To create a new Group of forms, click on the (+) next to the Group dropdown
  8. Click on Save Form 

Data Fields and How They Appear

When you select a data field to add to the body of your message, the system automatically inserts those values into the form. 

For example: if you've entered
Hello %first_name% %last_name%, 

The document would read:
Hello Joe Smith,


  • Initials data-field allows Dropbox Sign to request the signer’s initials at various points throughout the form.
  • In the Form template editor, a Page Break helps you control exactly where your form content will skip to the next page. After insertion, the field appears as %PAGE_BREAK% in the editor, and in the Preview or final PDF document, it does an actual new page.
  • Use the Preview Button to test with sample data. The Preview option is available on desktops when the browser size is maximized. You can also preview a form by creating a sample Tenant and choosing Forms on their Tenant Menu. 

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