Adding Forms

These are general instructions on adding your current forms into the Rentec Direct software. You have the option to use the Import Tool to bring in your documents or you can either copy and paste or typing content in the form editor.

How to Import Custom Forms

Instead of typing the contents of a new document into the software, you can now use the Import Tool to simply upload your document in a snap.  

In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click Settings
  2. Under Program settings choose Forms
  3. Press the +Add Form button at the top.
  4. Press the purple Import button.

    Import Custom Form Tool

  5. Select the document from your computer and follow the prompt to add. When the import is complete, the custom form editor will populate with the content of the form ready for you to customize. 
  6. When finished customizing press the Save Form button to save.

System NoteThe Rentec Direct editor will attempt to maintain formatting; however, depending on the source sometimes the document formatting may need to be manually corrected to look right. You can press the Preview button at the bottom of the page to see what the document will look like when printed at any time.

Tip: Once your form has been uploaded, you can now use the Form Editor to customize your form with data-fields that will auto-populate information from the system for you, saving you valuable time when you send out forms and leases. 

More information on data-fields and how to use the Forms Editor can be found hereCustom Form Editor

Frequently Asked Questions About Importing Forms

Why does some data not appear in the printed or preview document?
Depending on the file type, there may have been some embedded spaces, images, or other formatting in the original document that is rendering extra spaces, lines, or pages. Inside the editor, simply delete those extra spaces and pages before saving your new custom document.
What file types work best?
,pdf and .docx file types will render the information the best. 
Helpful Tips:
  • Import files without graphics and add them in after (during customization) for best results.
  • If you do not like how the import appears, there is no need to save - simply use the Cancel Button and try importing a different file type for a better result.

How to copy an existing document into Rentec Forms

If you'd rather copy and paste the data into the form editor instead of using the Import Tool, the below are general instructions. 
For example
  • Open the document in your existing document editor.  
  • Select all the text within your document (CTRL-A is a shortcut for this), then 
  • Push CTRL-C on your keyboard (or right-click and choose Copy) to copy it into your computer's memory (aka, clipboard).  
  • Return to Rentec Direct and create a blank form (or edit an existing one).  
  • Place your cursor inside the form where you want the text to be placed and press CTRL-V on your keyboard (or right-click and choose Paste). This will move the content from your original document into the Rentec forms system.  
For more detailed instructions on how to copy and paste, see this article
TipIf the formatting does not carry over well, it's often best to paste without formatting using CTRL-SHIFT-V instead, then do the formatting within the Rentec Direct editor.  

How to convert an existing .pdf document into another file type

If you have an existing .pdf document that isn't formatting as well as you'd like, you could try first converting the file into another format such as an html document. is a useful website that converts .pdf files into .html files. You can use their site to convert your .pdf file and then copy the text from the converted .html file into our forms editor using the copy instructions above.
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