Adding "Other" Charges For Tenants

If you have other fees that a tenant pays in addition to their rent, such as a "parking fee" or "garage rental", Rentec's program offers an easy way to add these charges to the tenant's ledger.

1) First, head to the TENANTS tab and then click on the red dollar sign [$] or the Post Charge button. 

2) On the next screen, you'll need to fill in the following blanks...

  • Amount
  • Description (ie: parking fee, garage fee, utilities)
  • Options - here you set whether the fee is either recurring or just a one time charge.

If you check the box next to recurring, you'll then need to set the Frequency and the Begin date.

We recommend leaving the Category field set as "110 Charge". Categories are designed for charges related to Properties, so we've created the 110 Charge specifically for these additional charges related to Tenants.

3)  After you've filled in all of the appropriate fields, click Post Charge to save your settings.

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