Training Videos | Getting Started

To help new Rentec Direct users get started fast, we’ve compiled video training materials that cover the core functionality of the program. 

Tip: These videos are recorded in HD, so they look best and can be viewed the easiest in full-screen mode. To enter full-screen, just click the outward arrows in the lower-right of the video. See Related Links below for additional videos. Although wee are continually updating training videos, if you're working with new features not yet covered, reach out to your Client Success team for assistance.

Discover | Your Rentec Direct Software Tour

Watch this demonstration of the features and capabilities of Rentec Direct Property Management Software.

Getting Started

A must-see for all new users with detailed steps, tips, and best practices for setting up your account. You will be up and running quickly and efficiently with this step-by-step guide for setting up your new Rentec Direct account.

Follow the instructions of this setup guide so you can start managing your properties and collecting rent right away.

Posting Income & Expense Transactions

This video walks you through the steps for recording property, tenant, account, and owner transactions. 

This training video will show you how to record transactions for:

  • Properties
  • Tenants
  • Bank Accounts
  • Property Owners

You will be able to record income and expenses related to your rentals such as: 

  • Set-up for Income & Expense Categories
  • Recording Tenant Payments
  • Recording Property Expenses
  • Bank-only and Batch Transactions
  • Bank Deposits
  • Record Business Transactions
  • Owner Disbursements & Contributions
  • Paying Out Monthly Management Fees
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