Understanding Nationwide Reports

Ordering a Nationwide report does not mean that the report will automatically include all of the information that you would see on the applicant's State and County level reports.

When someone is convicted of a crime, it is recorded at the County courthouse and entered into the County database. Depending on their legislation, the County court may or may not pass the record on to the State level database. Then depending on their legislation, that particular State court may or may not pass the record on to the Nationwide level database.

Also, keep in mind that a courthouse may also be backlogged and has not yet passed the information up to the State or Nationwide Level.

What this means is that the Nationwide database is not as accurate as the State level database which is not as accurate as the County level database. It all depends on how and if the information is passed up the line. The closer to where the crime occurred, the more accurate the criminal records will be.

We do not have any control over the information that is recorded into each database -- we simply return the information to you that is available in the database you ask us to search depending on the report you order. 

To Run a State or County Level Report Instead of a Nationwide Report

Because each level may contain different information, we provide County, State and Nationwide level criminal reports so that you are able to dig as deep as you like into an applicant's records by being able to drill down per State or per County that the applicant has lived in.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Reports from the main menu.
  2. Choose Screening Reports.
  3. Click the Order a Report button.
  4. Enter the applicant's data at the top and select Criminal Manual Search and follow to the next screen to order. 

Criminal Manual Search option
A State coverage list can be found here: Nationwide Criminal State Coverage

Tip: If you are unsure which State or County level report to choose, Rentec provides a FREE Criminal Intellisearch scan that will recommend which State and County level reports you may want to order based on the applicant's previous address history.

Criminal Intellisearch Option

Important Note: The Public Records used in this system are made available as provided by the source. Rentec Direct, LLC, including its affiliates or vendors, does not warranty the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in the reports provided.

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