Pay Owner Disbursements

Rentec PM is designed for property managers who manage properties on behalf of others who own them. One of the great features of Rentec Direct is the owner payment wizard, which allows one or all owners to be paid at once in a timely, accurate manner. Any changes that may need to be made to payment method or amount of disbursement per property can be made at this time as well as automatically sending an email notification to the owners being paid via ach.

System Advice: If you would like Rentec Direct software to automatically transfer funds from one property to cover a negative balance of a different property for the same owner prior to disbursement, you will want to verify the Owner Contribution and Owner Disbursement Categories are correct in the Accounting Default settings.

Note: When payments are made using the owner payment wizard, the history and status of payments can easily be viewed on the owner payment wizard report. The following link provides more details: Owner Payment Wizard Reports

Setting Payment Preferences for Each Owner

Before owner disbursements can be processed, payment preferences must be indicated for each owner.

The following steps will walk you through indicating the owner's payment preferences.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Owners  
  2. Right-click on the Owner and choose Edit Owner  
  3. Scroll down to Payment Info and complete the payment preferences for this owner
  4. To indicate the Payment Method, click the dropdown to see the options
    1. If you handwrite checks, select Check
    2. If you print checks from your Rentec Direct account, select Print Check. You will want to make sure that you have your printer configured to your computer. (Checks are not mailed out by Rentec Direct)
    3. If you have a merchant account and will be making payments electronically directly to the owner's bank account, select ACH Checking
  5. To select the bank account payments made to the owner will be pulled from, click the dropdown by From Account, making sure to select an ach enabled bank account if the Payment Method is ach
  6. Enter the owner's Bank Routing # and Bank Account # from a voided check provided by the owner
  7. Click on Save Changes 

Note: If you don't have a merchant account and are interested in receiving rent, paying vendors or owner disbursements online, click on this link for more information: Payment Processing Setup | Enrollment

Automatically notify owners of ACH payments 

Emails can be sent automatically to owners when a payment has been issued via ach. 

The following steps will walk you through enabling this option.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Click Program Defaults under Program
  3. Under General Preferences, indicate Yes to Email property owners notifying them that distributions are sent by ACH
  4. Click on Save Changes

Paying Owners (Owner Disbursement) 

Now that the settings are complete, you will be able to use the pay owner wizard tool to quickly pay one or multiple owners at once. 

The following steps will walk you through the convenient process of paying multiple owners simultaneously.

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click on Owners 
  2. Click the Pay All Owners button in the upper right corner  
  3. You will now be presented with all owners configured for payments. From here:
    1. Select the owner(s) you want to pay by clicking on the box to the left of their name
    2. Verify or edit the amount per property, by clicking the dropdown to the left of the owner's name to reveal each property, payment details
  4. The default method of payment will be selected, but can be modified by clicking the dropdown and changing the selection
  5. Once you have confirmed the amounts and payment methods, you have two options: Save Draft to come back and complete it later, or Submit Payments 

    Owner Disbursement


  • All Print Check and Check payments will post to the applicable Bank ledger within 30 seconds.
  • All outgoing ACH electronic payments will be processed within the following 60 seconds and be transmitted to the owners and entered as such on the Property, Bank, and Owner ledgers.
  • There is a $0.50 transaction fee for each outgoing ACH payment. 

System AdviceDeleting an ACH transaction does not stop or reverse the payment. If you have inadvertently processed an ACH transaction that you would like to "Void", send an email request to as soon as possible as there is a limited window to void transactions. The Owner Disbursement would be issued to the Owning Entity indicated in the Property profile. If the Disbursement is to be shared with multiple entities, the split will need to be handled outside of the system so as not to impact the accounting in the platform.

Tip: If you'd rather, you can navigate to selectively pay owners one at a time by right-clicking on an Owner and choosing Pay Owner. Additionally, you can pay all owners associated with a specific default bank account by right-clicking on the bank account and choosing Pay Owners there. Both options take you to the Pay Owner Wizard but offer only the owner(s) associated with those choices.

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