Batch Income and Expense Transaction Tool

The Batch Income and Expense Transaction Tool (also referred to as the  Batch Input Tool) allows you to enter all your transactions for a single bank account at once.

Access the Batch Income Tool

As you prepare to input transactions, consider using this time-saving tool.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Banking.
  2. Right-click on a Bank Account (or from the Bank Profile Card) click Post Income or Post Expense
  3. Enter the transaction details.  

    System Note: When you choose a Tenant for an income transactionthe Property will automatically update to correspond with the tenant associated with that property. If the tenant is associated with more than one property (either currently renting multiple units or has moved from one to another) the Property drop-down menu will offer those other properties as options. 
  4. You then have the option to Split Transaction and/or Attach Files:
    1. To split a transaction click the Split Transaction button to add a line and add the details of the split. After the first split, click the +Add Another Line for as many splits as necessary.
    2. To add an attachment click the Attach Files button. For Rentec PM clients, after the files have been uploaded you are given the option to share the attachment with the Owner of the Property. 
  5. Click the +New Transaction button to add another transaction. As you add new transactions, you can view transaction details in the Draft Income Ledger directly below the top data-entry section. 
  6. When finished adding all transactions, click on the Post Income or Post Expense button displayed at the top of the Draft Income Ledger.

Batch Income and Expense Tool Draft Income Ledger

The total amount will post on the bank ledger as one payment received or expense paid and will show the individual items on the property, tenant, and owner ledgers and reports. 

Because the transaction will post as one total amount in the bank account ledger, any edits to any individual amounts on a split transaction will influence the total amount in the bank account ledger.

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