Edit, Correct, or Delete Transactions

There are times when a transaction needs to be corrected or deleted and your property management software makes it easy. 

Edit or Delete a Transaction

The following examples and steps illustrate the different navigation available to edit, correct, or delete a transaction.

NoteThese same principles apply to any ledger within the system.

In your Rentec Direct Account: 

  1. Click PropertiesTenants, Banking, or Owners appropriate for your task. 
  2. There are a couple of ways to view ledgers
    1. Click directly on the Balance or
    2. From the menu which can be accessed by:
      1. Right click next to the Property, Tenant, Bank account or Owner or
      2. Click on the 3 dots to the right or
      3. For Mac users, control-click
      4. Select view ledger
    3. From the Properties tab, you can also double click on the property
  3. From here you have a few options by clicking the Gear icon at the top then choose either Edit Mode or Delete Mode.
    Edit Mode and Delete Mode
    Edit mode displays a paper/pencil icon next to each transaction for easy access to edit. 

    Delete mode is especially useful to batch delete tasks together. Simply click on the trash can icon next to each item you wish to delete - when the page refreshes, those items will be gone from the list.  

    Note: Other methods of deleting or editing are available by right-clicking any transaction in the system. Additionally, when editing a transaction you have the ability to delete or split the transaction by using the Delete Transaction or Split Transaction buttons at the top. 
  4. If you choose Edit, be sure to click the Save Changes button for the changes to apply. 

System Advice: Your transaction and account detail drop-down choices for Bank, Category, Tenant, and Property tells the system which ledgers to post this transaction simultaneously.  When editing, only choose the items that should be affected by what happened in real life. For example, a 110 Charge is only used for tenant charges on the Tenant Ledger so the Property field should remain as NONE. 

Deleting a Split Transaction

Important NoteFollow the steps above to Edit Transaction. A split transaction will have a red trash icon on the right of each line of the split which must be clicked before the entire transaction can be deleted.

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