Edit Your Website Content

You have many display and editing options for your fully customizable website that comes with your subscription. 

2024 UPDATE: Rentec Direct property management software presents an interface with a new, modern design with an easy-to-use editing tool. The new website works excellently for visitors on any mobile device. Learn more here: Modern Property Management Websites Now Available For Rentec Direct Clients

Edit Your Website Content

You have three pages with direct, fully customizable editing options. To begin editing one of these pages, follow these instructions. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Under Program Settings choose Website & Branding.
  3. Click on one the following Edit Page buttons to pull up the Website Editor tool for that page. 

    Rentec Professional Website Template Pages

You'll notice that the page loads with a professional template. All you have to do is provide the content about your business.

The editor has common editing tools for inserting photos, including links, text alignment, font styles, font sizes, text colors nd imputing tables for stylistic formatting. 

Website editor toolbar

  • The View section in the Toolbar displays visual aids for grid lines that display in the Editor but do not display on your public site. 
  • At the bottom of the editor you'll find the option to preview your website and edits before it is published to see exactly what your site will look like to the public. 

Website preview, save draft, or publish options

Edit Page Elements

 Information on page elements you can edit and those instructions are below. 

Edit header, description, and page title for your website (SEO)

Edit the Page Title

Enter the title of your page here. The will show up on the title bar of the visitor's browser and also as the title in online search results. Be sure to include local keywords so that you show up in search results for your location.  

Edit the Page Description

Enter the description of your page here. This is what Google and other search engines will show in smaller text just below the title. This content is heavily utilized for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so be sure to include the terms applicable to your business and search queries. For example, a property management firm in the City of of Grants Pass, Oregon might use the following for their home page: 

Property management in Grants Pass, Oregon specializing in both residential and commercial properties. 

Note: Be sure to use a different decryption for each page of your site. 

Edit the Page Header

This is where you can insert META tags into the header of this page. Meta tags have many uses, but two of the most common are "Meta Description" and meta tags for proving ownership to search engines. We create the meta description for you so that is not necessary: however, you can enter other meta tags within this area. Note: See the question mark icon next to this field for more details. 

Editing Text

You can edit the text for your website by clicking in the text boxes or highlighting and deleting the content in the template and replace it with your own. Note: within the text boxes you'll also find guidelines for how to edit content within the template.  

Page Layout

The layout of the template is created using tables from the toolbar. The gridlines that appear in the website editor display the table constraints and will be transparent once your website is published.  

Edit the content in the tables provided or delete the tables and all the included content by clicking on a table to highlight then click CTRL + X on your keyboard. 

Tip: You will know when something is highlighted when it is blue (see example below) 

Website editor | Highlight text to delete

Editing Images

You can upload any photo wherever you would like it to appear in the content of your website or choose to replace the images already provided in the template. To replace an image, click on an image (it will appear blue) and the click the Insert/Edit Image icon in the toolbar. 

KB Website Editor Toolbar Insert Edit Image Icon

A pop-up window will let you upload a new image from your computer and select the image dimensions and enter a description. Note: If your image does not appear right away, be patient, it's simply loading. 

System Note: If you don't see your edits when you preview the page, you may have forgotten to click Save when editing text or uploading images. Before leaving the editor, you will be prompted to save any unsaved content. 

When you feel like your content is ready for the world ot see, you are ready to press the Publish button. When you do, your website is live and available to the public to view. 

Tip: Once published, you do have the option to edit the content as often as you like and the re-published updates will be immediately available live to your site visitors. 

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