Add Vendors and Payees

Your Rentec Direct property management software also serves as a vendor management system. Tracking expenses for accurate bookkeeping, reports, and easy 1099 processing. 

Adding Vendors and Payees

There are two ways to add Vendors and Payees to your Rentec Direct account:
  • Add Vendors prior to posting expenses with them as a payee
    • This is recommended -  Very few fields are required, but you will want to make sure information is complete and up-to-date in the software to use tools like paying via ach, emailing work orders, and processing 1099s (and other tax forms).
  • Add Vendors when posting an expense. 
    • When posting an expense, type the name as Payee and click the add link that displays. This will save only the name. After the transaction is posted, you will want to edit the vendor using steps outlined in How to Set Up a Vendor to Receive ACH Payments

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under People click on Vendors & Payees
  3. Click on +Add a Vendor 
  4. Enter the vendor's information
  5. If you will be paying your vendor using the Vendor ACH Payment software option, be sure to enter the vendor's bank account and deposit routing number, as indicated on a void check, in the Payment Info section. 
  6.  Click on Add Vendor

    Note:  Repeat this same process for as many vendors as you may have associated with your properties.

Add Vendor Rentec Direct

TipWhen posting an expense payable to a vendor, select their name from the dropdown, as typing in the vendor's name could result in a duplicate vendor. 

Deleting a Vendor

If a vendor needs to be deleted, Rentec Direct software conveniently will move the transactions to a different vendor of your choice.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under People, click on Vendors & Payees
  3. Right-click on the vendor and select Delete Vendor
  4. A Warning will display advising
    1. Transactions that have been posted to the Vendor
    2. If there are recurring transactions associated with the Vendor
    3. A dropdown for you to choose which vendor you would like to move the transactions to
  5. Click on Delete Vendor

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