Return a Tenant Deposit

The system makes it easy to return the entire deposit or a partial amount back to a tenant. 

Returning Deposit

When you are ready to return a deposit to a tenant, you can either return the entire amount or a portion of the deposit by following these instructions. 

A. Returning the full deposit

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Tenants 
  2. Right-click and choose View Ledger from their menu (or click on the tenant ledger balance).
  3. Click the On Deposit button to enter the deposit ledger
  4. Tenant On Deposit Ledger
  5. Select the Return Deposit action
  6. Specify the Amount that you are crediting back to the tenant
  7. Select the Payment Type

    Note: If
     you are printing checks from the program, be sure to select Print Check as the payment type.   
  8. Select the bank Account you'll be removing the funds from
  9. Add a Memo as needed
  10. Click Save Changes

    How to Return a Tenant Deposit
    Note: To provide your tenant a deposit reconciliation statement, click on the printer icon in the upper right corner of the Deposit Ledger. 

B. Returning a portion of the deposit

For those who wish to return only a portion of a deposit and/or prefer the look of the standard tenant statement to issue out to tenant's after move-out (because the tenant has charges against their deposit), we recommend you follow the instructions to  Apply Deposit As Tenant Creditfollowed by Charging Against a Deposit.  

More information about applying a deposit as a tenant credit can be found here:  Apply Deposit as a Tenant Credit

More information about charging against a deposit can be found here: How to Charge an Expense Against a Tenant Deposit

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