Check Printing Trouble

If you have difficulties printing, the following information may prove helpful. 

Print Alignment

Because not all printers print identically, we give you the flexibility to adjust the X (horizontal) and Y (vertical axis of the check print areas. Enter values in the X and Y fields to adjust the location on the paper where each check value prints. 

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Choose Accounting Defaults
  3. Under Printing Preferences, edit the Check printer alignment X and Y axis 

    NoteEach value is equal to one one-hundredth of an inch.


    To move all text down 1/4 inch, enter -25 in Y
    To move all text up 1/4 inch, enter 25 in Y
    To move text 1/4 inch down and right, enter -25 in Y and 25 in X
  4. Click Save Changes when finished

You can then test out the alignment by creating sample Print Check expenses. After you are satisfied with the printer alignment, be sure to go back in and delete those practice checks from the software.

More information on deleting transactions can be found here: Edit, Correct, or Delete Transactions

Using Google Chrome or Firefox?

Google Chrome and Firefox (since Firefox 19) come with built-in PDF browsers. They have done this to improve the speed of the browser; however, in doing so they left out features critical to printing forms that require absolute placement.  Fortunately, there is an easy fix for both browsers.

Google Chrome Users: Visit this Adobe Blog Article (opens in new window), to read how to update Chrome to use Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

Firefox Users: Visit this article to learn how to re-set back to the original Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Internet Explorer Extra Lines 

When printing a check while using Internet Explorer, you may find that an extra <br> appears on the check. This has to do with settings outside of Rentec Direct's control, so we recommend you use an alternate browser, such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as they do not cause this issue.

Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Updates

Every once in a while Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox may release an update that temporarily causes the Print Check feature to not work correctly, or it may be difficult to find the "Print" button. In this case, using CTRL-P on your keyboard may help resolve the issue.   

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