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Important Note: The following article is related to advanced programming features for your property management website.  This article was written to provide guidance to your webmaster or website designer.  Rentec Direct is unable to provide support regarding advanced website programming for a website that was created outside of the Rentec Direct system. If you have questions, please consult your webmaster or website designer.

Adding Rental Listings to Your Custom Property Management Website

While Rentec Direct provides a free property management website to clients, another option is to create your own website with the help of a web designer or another website builder service.

If you choose to hire a web designer for a custom website created outside of Rentec Direct's included features, you have additional options for customization. From these clients, we have seen some truly awesome and beautifully designed websites for their property management business.

One key component of creating your own website outside of Rentec Direct is the ability to integrate your property listings in your website.  

Rentec Direct has developed two different methods of embedding listings into a custom site. This article covers the embedded iFrame option, which provides elegant listings with customizable colors.  More information on the other option can be found here: Add Rental Listings to Your Custom Website | JSON API

What Is an iFrame?

An iFrame is like a window that allows you to embed the content of another website inside your own website. Rentec Direct offers nicely designed listings that you can call up in that window. You can pass in parameters to control colors for buttons, titles and background colors to closely match your site's theme.

Listings and Details

Property listings remain contained in the iFrame as the user scans the list. A click on the Details button opens up the property detail page in a new browser tab or window. That allows the user to maintain several open property detail pages for comparison while still searching the properties list.

A click on the Apply button takes the user to the standard Rentec Direct application process in a new browser tab or window.

How To Embed Listings

The code to create an iFrame in your site is fairly simple. The following example uses style markup to make it scale to the width of the containing page. Our responsive listings automatically reformat for widths ranging from the cell phone screen up to desktop screens. The minimum width is 320 pixels, a standard for smaller cell phones.

The basic iFrame code is:

<iframe id="iframe_rentec" src="" style="width:100%;min-width:320px;height:400px;overflow-y:auto;"></iframe> 

To obtain your link for the "src", in the Rentec Direct system visit Settings -> Professional Website & Branding. Under Advanced Options, you can copy the URL to your clipboard by clicking the clipboard icon to the right of the iFrame URL.

Customizing Colors

The default color scheme for embedded listings is a neutral greyscale. It won't clash with the color schemes of most site designs. However, you can make the listings closely match your site color theme by passing parameters in the iFrame URL. After the "search=all" parameter, append each of these to adjust a color value. Like all URL parameters, these parameter=value pairs will be separated by ampersands.

Color values must be valid HTML hexadecimal. For example, pure red would be FF0000. Your web designer should be familiar with color values. The one exception will be your selection for the bars on the menu icon that is displayed at narrow screen widths. The bars can be either black or white as noted below.

Custom parameters are:

  • btn_text_color - Text on the buttons
  • btn_start_color - Beginning color for button gradient
  • btn_end_color - Ending color for button gradient
  • background_color - Background of the entire iFrame, behind the listing rows
  • label_color - The labels and icons for highlighted information, such as bedroom count
  • menu_bars - If set to "white", menu icon bars are white. Otherwise, they are black.

So, the URL for an iFrame that uses a solid blue color scheme for the buttons and labels, with a slightly grey background, would contain the following parameters.

Important note: The iFrame for property listings is considered an advanced feature for experienced programmers. Rentec Direct does not provide support for advanced programming options.  

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