Owner Email Notification for ACH Owner Disbursements

Owner email notification for ACH owner disbursements allows you to automatically notify your owner clients via email when you send an owner disbursement by ACH.

As a property manager, you are responsible for providing your owners with their earned rental income each month. These property management owner payments are often referred to as owner disbursements. 

In Rentec Direct property management software, you have the option of issuing owner disbursements electronically with an ACH payment through your merchant account. You can pay owners individually or all at once with the Pay Owner Wizard

Notify Owners when Distributions are Paid via ACH

You can automatically notify your owners by email when an owner payment has been made via ACH. This notification helps your owners know their funds will soon be available in their account and will simplify your owner communication tasks. 

Below is an example of the email your owners will receive when you make an owner disbursement via ACH in your Rentec Direct account. 

Owner Email ACH Notification

Turn On Owner Payment Email Notifications

If you would like your owners to receive an email notification when an ACH payment has been made for an owner disbursement, you simply need to turn the setting on in your Rentec Direct account. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under Program, click Program Defaults
  3. Under General Preferences, find the option for “Email property owners notifying distributions are sent by ACH?” 
  4. Select YES
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes

Owner ACH Notification

Turn Off Owner Payment Email Notifications

If you signed up for a Rentec Direct account after March 23, 2022, this setting will be on by default. If you wish to disable automatic email notification for ACH owner disbursements, follow the instructions above to update your settings to NO.  

When will the owner’s payment arrive in their account?

The owner payment email notification lets your owners know that a payment is being processed. It does not inform your owners when the funds are available. 

Bank payment processing times will determine when the funds will be available in your owners’ accounts. Most large banks deposit electronic funds within 48hrs after the payment has been processed, but it will depend on your owners’ banking institution.

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