Dex FAQ & Training Guide | CSG Forte Merchant Account

If your Rentec Direct account is enabled to accept online payments with a CSG Forte merchant account, you have access to the CSG Forte Dex online portal. Your Dex online portal provides additional reporting features, transaction details, dispute management, and reconciliation options for your merchant account, beyond the features available in your Rentec Direct account. 

The following article provides information on frequently asked questions regarding your Dex account with CSG Forte.

This information is also available as pdf, which you can download and save for quick reference: Rentec Direct Merchant Account | Dex FAQ & Training Guide

Registering / Accessing Dex

Q: What is Dex? A: Dex is the online portal for Rentec Direct clients to access their CSG Forte merchant account data.
Q:How do I get started in Dex?  A: Accept the invitation sent to your email address. Note: The invite expires after 8 days of being sent. Please remember to check your junk or spam folder if not received. After accepting the invite, create your account by entering your first and last name and creating a password. Your username is your email address. Password should be a minimum of 8 characters and include 1 numeric character, 1 upper case letter, and 1 special character. 

Click the I accept the Terms of Use box and click Register.

Enter in your mobile number (optional) for SMS code verification. Click send code to send a verification code to your mobile number or click skip. Click Accept button.

Congratulations, you’re now an official Dex user!

Click Here to access a Dex Quick Reference Guide

Q:What is the URL to login to Dex?  

Q:How do I reset my password?  A: Click on the forgot password link on the log in screen to Dex. Enter your email address and follow prompts to reset your password.
Q:Why is my account suspended?    A: If a user does not log into Dex for 90 days, the user will become inactive/suspended. Dex will also prompt active users to reset their passwords every 60 days for security purposes.
Q:How do I reactivate my account if I am expired or suspended? A: Please contact or call 866-290-5400 opt 2 to have your account reactivated. 

Searching & Viewing Transactions 

Click on these links for interactive tutorials on navigating the Transaction model within Dex 

Note: Do not originate or add transactions from within Dex. Transactions must be originated within Rentec Direct’s software. 

Q:How do I void or reverse a transaction?  

A: Please contact Rentec Directly directly for further assistance at 800-881-5139 or via email at  


Q:What is a dispute / chargeback? 

A: A dispute / chargeback is the reversal of a credit card payment initiated by a cardholder’s bank. Chargebacks occur when a customer calls his or her credit card issuer and disputes a charge. Under the Fair Credit Billing Act, consumers have up to 2 years to dispute a credit card for one of the following four reasons:

  • Unauthorized purchases arising from fraud 
  • Authorization and Billing errors 
  • Processing errors 
  • Quality issues with a good or service, also known as “Friendly Fraud”
Q:How am I notified if I receive a dispute?  A: CSG Forte will notify merchants via email. Ensure that your notifications are turned on to receive dispute notifications. Log into Dex and click on the bell icon in the upper right-hand corner to ensure your notifications are turned on. 

Q:How do I view my disputes? 

A: Click here to view an interactive tutorial on how to view disputes

Q:I received a dispute. How do I upload documentation for review?   A: Click here to view an interactive tutorial on how to upload documentation. Remember, once documentation has been uploaded, you must click on the actions tab on the page, and select submit for review.  


Q:How do I view deposits/funding made to my bank account?  

A: Click on the Funding tab on the left-hand side of Dex. Use the effective date filter to select the date range for the deposit you wish to view. Funding entries made to your bank account within the selected time frame will appear in the data grid.

The amounts shown under the total column should match what was deposited into your bank account. 

Click Here to view an interactive tutorial on viewing deposits/funding and related transactions.

Q:How do I identify the customer transactions that make up the deposit funded to my bank account?  

A: Identify the deposit on the funding data grid and click anywhere on the row for that record. You will see a breakdown of the funding details and at the bottom, highlighted in blue, you will see an option to view related transactions. Click on view related transactions to see all individual transactions that make up the deposit. 

A: To help match transactions and review activity, the following link will walk you through accessing and viewing reports.

Dex Tutorial: Virtual Terminal Reports

Dex Users

Q:How do I add additional users to Dex?  A: Please contact CSG Forte to have additional users added to Dex at or call 866-290-5400 opt 2

Managing multiple merchant accounts within Dex

Q:I have more than 1 merchant account. How do I access my additional merchant accounts?    

A: Merchant accounts that have the same Tax ID # are linked together under the same organization within Dex. Click on the locations tab, and you will see the details for each merchant account / location. 

If you have more than one organization, to access the additional organization, click on the icon with your initials in the right-hand corner. Click switch log in account to access any additional accounts you have within Dex. 

Q:What if I have multiple merchant accounts that have different Tax ID #s?

A: Contact us at to have your accounts linked together as an Enterprise. Please provide the Enrollment Team with all of the Merchant ID #s that should be grouped in the Enterprise.  

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