Switching to Rentec Direct from Another Software

If you are migrating or switching from another property management software, please take advantage of the one-on-one support offered by your dedicated Account Advisor to help you transition to Rentec Direct's platform with these four steps.

  1. Create a Rentec Direct account
  2. Schedule a meeting with your Account Advisor and let them know:
    1. You’re migrating from another software
    2. If you’re currently under a contract with another software company
    3. If we can help import the following data, saving you time* 
    4. * Properties                            * Tenants
      * Vendors                               * Owners
  3. Plan ahead and pick a date that you would like to begin using your new Rentec Direct account
  4. Contact your current software company about getting a copy or downloading your information for your records. Some of the most common information saved:

    * Properties                                    * Tenants
    * Vendors                                       * Owners 
    * Transaction History                     *  Other account users information
    * Chart of Accounts       

Click here to schedule time with your dedicated Account Advisor

Pro Tips: 

  • Every Rentec Direct account gets access to a dedicated Account Advisor who provides free training, support, and setup assistance. You can schedule meetings directly with your Advisor so you can work with them during a time that fits your schedule.
  • If you would like to allow your tenants to pay rent online right away, apply for a merchant account directly through your Rentec Direct account about 30 days before your beginning date.
  • Obtain your reports in a spreadsheet format for quicker data import

Do you offer any data import services?

*For clients with more than 25 units, Rentec Direct offers data import services to help upload your existing data from your previous system into your new Rentec Direct account. The data import service will bring data for  Tenants, Properties, Vendors, and Owners from your old system into Rentec Direct, so you don't have to enter information manually. 

In order to transfer data from another system to Rentec Direct with the data import services, you copy your data into the spreadsheet templates provided by Rentec Direct, and we will upload the information into your account. There are some limitations about the type of information we can import for you, so check out this article about Data Import Services or ask your Account Advisor for more information.

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