Entering Split Transactions

A split transaction consists of a single account-bound transaction encompassing multiple transactions.  

For example, a payment to a single vendor for repairs to multiple properties, or issuing one check to a property owner who has multiple properties.  

Split transactions must be associated with an account, therefore to begin, visit the Accounts tab (or Settings, Bank Accounts if not enabled).  Either enter the ledger or click the shortcut red-dollar sign icon to post an expense.

split transaction edit screen

Now enter an expense like you would any other, but notice in the screenshot below there are new options.  Instead of entering an amount within the transaction details area, you enter it below and link it to a property and category each their own.  

NOTE:  If this is not a property expense, rather only a bank account transaction, you can leave the property blank.

In this example, we are paying A1 Speedy Plumbing with check #12345 for two repairs, one to 123 Test Ln, and a 2nd to 124 Test St.  Each is categorized as Repairs; however, each was for a separate item.  If your entering an invoice from a vendor, the Memo section is an excellent spot for the invoice or statement id.

Make note of the 'Add Line' and the red X options.  To add a 3rd, 4th, etc line to this transaction choose 'Add Line' as many times as necessary.  To delete any lines, just select the red X.  Once all your transactions as part of this split transaction are entered select 'Post Expense'.

edit a split transaction

When this transaction posts it will post as a single split transaction to account '1191 General Operating'; however, there will be individual transactions automatically posted to '123 Test Ln' and '124 Test St'.  The sum total of each of the individual transactions makes up the total of the entire transaction within your Account ledger.  If for instance you edit either one of these transactions individually within the property ledger, it will influence the total in your Account ledger.

A split transaction can also be used when posting a payment to a tenant's ledger, so that the payment can be applied towards, rent, late fees, security deposit, etc...

alternative split transactions


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