File Library | File Storage (Legacy)

This help article contains instructions for the Legacy Version of Rentec Direct. More information about the latest version of Rentec Direct can be found here: The Remodel | Rentec Direct’s Newest Software Update

Each property, tenant, and owner account includes a File Library that allows you to upload and store all types of files such as documents, pictures, and voice messages.

File Library Access and Sharing Files

Each tenant, property, and owner have their own specific File Library. All files will also reside in the account File Library.  

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Choose File Library
  3. In the File Library you can: 
    1. Sort files by file name by clicking Name.
    2. Pull up files by file location by clicking All Files, Properties, Tenants, or Owners.
    3. Upload a new file by clicking the Upload File button. 
    4. Share a file by right-clicking and choosing File Sharing
      file sharing menu

More information on file-sharing can be found here: Sharing Files

System Notes

Files up to 32MB can be uploaded into Rentec, however, your computer, browser or internet connection may not allow you to upload files large than 25MB.

The system allows the following file types: 

  • jpg
  • png
  • GIF
  • TXT
  • PDF
  • DOC and DOCX
  • ZIP
  • XLS
  • WAV
  • MP3 and MP4
  • WMV
  • M4A
  • MPG
  • RTF
  • ODT
  • TIF and TIFF
  • BMP
  • XLSX and XLSM
  • MOV
  • CSV
  • PSD
  • XML
  • JAR
  • 7z and RAR file types 


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