Add Subusers, Managers, and Additional Users to Your Account

Rentec Direct property management software allows managers and subusers to easily be added to help you manage your properties and property management related tasks.

Adding a User Account

Whether you need someone to be able to view information, receive communications like maintenance request work orders, or have more extensive account access, follow these steps to add them into the system. 

In your Rentec Direct account: 

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under People choose Managers & Users 
  3. Click Add a Manager
  4. Enter their contact information
  5. Click the Enable User Account box 

    Tip: If you leave this box unchecked, a manager can be assigned a property role (marketing manager, maintenance manager, property manager) but will not have access to log into the system. If they need access, be sure to Enable User Account
  6. Choose the Permissions level from the drop-down menu. The permission levels are Custom, Limited, Financial, or Full Access (see below for details). 

    Note: After the user/manager has been added you are then able to customize the specific permissions within that permission category and/or change the permission category at any time. While we encourage all users to set up two-factor authentication, if your Rentec Direct account allows online payments it will be required.
  7. IF this subuser will be traveling Internationally, you will want to indicate "Allow International"
  8. Click Add Manager 

User Permission Categories

When a new manager or user is added to Rentec Direct accounts and there account has been activated, the permission will default to Limited and can be adjusted to your preference.

Limited, Financial, and Full permissions have preset permissions to access the most commonly used data for that permission level, but can be customized.

Pro Tip: When editing an existing user, if the permission is changed to one of the four defaults, their permission will be reset to that level and any exceptions will need to be individually selected.

Allows each permission to be manually selected

The account will be created with no permissions. You will manually set them via the Permission link on the user account list (see below). You may also set the user at that point to read-only access as well. 

This user will have access to Balances, Ledgers, Financial Reports and the ability to enter and modify transactions but limited to other actions. You can modify those other actions and further customize as you wish (see below). 

Full access allows access to all functionality including creating and modifying user accounts (with the exception of the Admin account). Again, you can assign the user with Full permissions and then modify those for specific limitations as needed (see below). 

Customize User Permissions

It is then very important to then return to the Managers & Users page and click the paper/pencil icon to edit that user's permissions. 

This user permissions page is where you can configure exactly what areas of the software this user will have access to and what areas you want them to be able to edit. You also have the option to set them as a read-only account so that they are unable to make any changes. To edit the permissions, click the Blue Link under the Permissions column. 

Users and Managers

You will then be taken to the User Permissions page where you can customize account access, general permissions, utility access, financial access, which ledgers and balances they can view, and which properties, bank accounts, and owners they can view, add, edit, manage, etc. 

Important Note: Because of the varied options, we highly recommend you log in as the subuser/manager to confirm they only have access to areas you specify before sending them their credentials for login.

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