Add Property Managers

You can set up an unlimited number of property managers in Rentec PM, and assign them to properties. 

This feature is especially useful if you have numerous properties, some of which are managed out of a separate office. You can set up a property manager with a different address so when invoices are returned by tenants they are returned to the appropriate office. Likewise, the specific property manager can be assigned to handle work orders and/or receive all online application notifications and property marketing inquiries. 

Add a Property Manager

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. In the People section, click Managers & Users.
  3. Click Add a Manager
  4. Enter the property manager's information.

    NoteFew fields are actually required; however, it is recommended for record-keeping to fill in all known fields. Repeat this same process for as many property managers as you may have associated with your properties. 
  5. If this manager needs access to the software as a user, click the Enable User Account option. 

    Important Note: If you have opted to give this manager account access -- after you've saved your changes -- be sure to then visit Managers & Users to update user settings to customize software access and permissions.  
  6. Click Add Manager to save changes. 

Once done, the property manager's contact information (if it differs from the main account) will appear on: 

  • Tenant statements
  • Tenant's invoices
  • Online listings & syndication (unless you've designated a marketing manager)
  • Online applications

Assigning a Property Manager to a Property

After you have created property managers, you will want to assign them to the property they manage. Typically, managers are added to the software prior to adding properties. From there, a property is added and assigned to the manager. 

Information on how to add a property can be found here: Adding Properties

In the event you need to add or change a manager after the properties have been established, it's an easy task.  

Information on how to assign a property manager can be found here: Assigning Property Managers to Properties

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