Add Property Managers

An unlimited number of managers and users can be added to Rentec Direct PM accounts.

This option is especially useful if you have separate maintenance or marketing managers who will be direct contacts for work orders and marketing purposes. This option is also perfect if there are separate designated property managers that may have different addresses. When invoices are printed, they can indicate which manager the payment is to go to.

Add a Property Manager

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under People, click Managers & Users
  3. Click Add a Manager 
  4. Enter the property manager's information
  5. There is an option for First and Last Name as well as "Company". 
  6. If this manager needs access to the software as a user, click the Enable User Account option 
  7. Click Add Manager to save changes 

Note: Few fields are actually required; however, it is recommended for record-keeping to fill in all known fields. Repeat this same process for as many property managers as you may have associated with your properties. 

Tip: When selecting Managers in the property, if a company name is indicated, the individual name will not be displayed. If the managers work for the same company, it's usually best not to indicate the company name.

Once done, the property manager's contact information (if it differs from the main account) will appear on: 

  • Tenant statements
  • Tenant's invoices
  • Online listings & syndication (unless you've designated a marketing manager)
  • Online applications

For details assigning managers to properties as property, maintenance, or marketing click here: Assigning Property Managers to Properties

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