Manager Types

Rentec PM clients have three manager types available: Property, Marketing, and Maintenance managers. Assigning managers allows for them to receive communications related to properties such as a new work order, work order updates, or new rental applications and lead tracking data for vacant properties.

Important Notes:

  • If there isn’t a maintenance or marketing manager assigned to the property, communications for those individuals will be sent to the assigned property manager.
  • If no property manager is assigned, communications will be sent to the email address listed for the account admin under Settings and Your Contact Information.


It's easy to assign an existing subuser to this role or add a new user and then link them to a property.

  • Step One:
    • Create a new user account (if they do not already exist) for any new maintenance or marketing users.

      More information can be found here:  Add Property Managers

Assign Property Manager, Maintenance Manager, and Marketing Manager


  • If you enable syndication of your vacancies, the new marketing contact information will now be sent to all listing sites. This enables you to specify a unique contact for all incoming leads. Any incoming rental applications will also go to the marketing contact.  

    Note: As before, if you do not add a new marketing manager, the applications and contact information will be the assigned property manager.
  • When you, or a tenant, create a new work order for a property, an email will be dispatched to the maintenance manager.  

    Tip: Set this to whomever is in charge of maintenance at the property. It could be your handyman or staff member that oversees maintenance tasks.
  • You now have quick links when emailing a work order report to include the property manager, owner, and now the maintenance manager.

System Note: This functionality is available to all Rentec PM clients. If you are using the Pro version of Rentec and want to try this feature out, head over to Settings, Your Account & Subscription, and modify subscription to PM. You can switch back to Rentec Pro at any time using the same process.

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