Text Message and Maintenance Request Notifications (Mobile App)

With the use of Rentec Direct property management software's mobile app, you can choose to receive and respond to important notifications such as maintenance requests and text responses directly from your mobile device without needing to be logged into your computer.

These notifications are called Push Notifications and are available to Rentec Direct mobile app users.

Forwarding Notifications to Your Mobile App

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under the Program section, select Push Notifications
  3. Chose your Preferences for receiving Push Notifications to your mobile device:
    1. Choose YES to Receive incoming text messages if you would like receive an instant notification when a tenant responds to one of your software generated text messages
    2. Choose YES to Receive new maintenance requests if you would like to receive a notification when a tenant submits a maintenance request:
      1. For Rentec Pro clients: the notification will go to the landlord/admin of the account
      2. For Rentec PM clients: the notification will go to the Property Manager indicated in the property profile where the tenant is placed
  4. Click Save Changes

Important Note: If you haven't had the opportunity to download the Renetc Direct mobile app for managers, landlords, and subusers, a Caution banner will be displayed at the top of the screen with a link for you. You will want to have each manager and subuser that notifications are sent install the Rentec Direct mobile app.

Tip: For Rentec PM clients that would like more information on assigning property and maintenance managers, click the following link: Assigning Property Managers to Properties

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