Marketing Your Rental Through Online Listings

The software was designed to help you market your rental quickly through the use of online listings. 

Market Your Rental Online

Below we will walk you through how to add all the details of the property, publish the property online and send an application to a potential Tenant. From there, you'll have the option to syndicate the listing to third-party listing sites if you wish. 

To update the Marketing information for a property, in your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Properties from the main menu
  2. Right-click a Property and choose Marketing Info 
  3. Enter the Property Identification information such as the description, appliances & features, lease terms, square footage, year built, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  4. To help prospective tenants search your listings: 
    1. Click on the items from the Search Criteria list that are available related to the property
    2. Begin typing in the city name into the Search City field and choose the city/state from the popup menu  
  5. Tip: Once a picture is uploaded, you can right-click the picture for a menu of options that allow you to download, set as primary, change the order, rename, rotate, or remove the file.
  6. The Publishing section allows you to click the options best suited for your needs. 
    1. Publish Online Listing -- By checking this box, the listing will display on your built-in website (if enabled) and listings website page,****. More information for setting up your custom website can be found here: Build Your Own Website
    2. Accept Online Applications -- Select this to enable your online application. Once enabled, an Apply Now button will display along with your listing, and prospective tenants can fill out the application online. More information on online applications can be found here: Online Applications, Fees & Screening Reports
    3. Enable Syndication -- You can get additional exposure to your rental listing by sending the listing to third-party rental listing sites across the internet. More information and a list of third-party syndicated sites can be found here: Syndicated Sites.

7. Click Save Changes when finished.

Important Notes
  • It can take up to 72 hours for the third-party syndicated site to publish, update or remove your listing.
  • To disable any option above, un-check the appropriate box and Save Changes.
  • Removing a listing from your website and turning off the online application occur immediately. 

If you would like Track Leads and discover how Rentec Direct's marketing tools will help improve your occupancy rate click this link:  Lead Tracking

If you don't see your listing within 72 hours, these troubleshooting tips, should help you find the solution: Syndicated Sites | Why Is My Listing Not Showing Up?

More information on making listing changes can be found here:  How to Edit Displayed Information on Rental Listings and Syndicated Sites

Tip: Take note of the website links in the lower right corner in the Resources box. These links can be used to link into an outside website or if you do not plan to utilize Rentec Direct's free website tool, they can be shared as a marketing web address. 

System AdviceRental listing syndication works great to promote your residential properties across multiple sites, but is not designed for commercial properties.

How Do I Provide An Online Rental Application (With or Without Syndicating My Rental Listing Online)?

When you are ready to allow individuals to apply for your available rentals, you have a couple of options:

* Direct potential Tenants to your Website, provided with your Rentec Direct software  (ie: or custom domain). To locate this link in your                  Rentec Direct account:

  •      Settings
  •      Website and Branding under Program 

* Send a link to your public page: Go to Properties, right click Marketing info, scroll all the way to the bottom and send the link to "This property's Public Page" or "All Public Listings"

When you create a listing and post it, you can choose not to enable syndication so that the listing only shows on the website provided in your Rentec Direct software or your Property's Public Page (ie: or custom domain) and not on other sites such as Zillow and Trulia. To send your listing to syndicated sites, simply check the box to Enable Syndication.

Share your property listing and application

This is an example of what your rental listing will look like on your website or your unique 

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