Marketing Your Rental Through Online Listings

Keeping your rentals occupied can be a challenge. Rentec Direct property management software was designed to help you market your rentals quickly to a broad selection of potential tenants through the use of online listings or your own website as well as track leads to fill future vacancies.

Your Rentec Direct property management software provides you with one that you can customize to meet your needs. 

To see an example of what your website can look like, click on this link: Sample Property Management Website

For clients that would like professional assistance with their website, Rentec Direct has partnered with Cevado to help make this process quick and easy. For more details as to how Cevado may help you, click here: Rentec Direct Partners with Cevado

Design your listing

Below, we will walk you through how to add details about your property, publish the property online, and send an application to potential tenants.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Properties 
  2. Right-click a property and choose Marketing Info 
  3. Under the Property Identification section, complete:
    1. Description - This can be minimal information, if you are using the ChatGPT generated description
    2. Appliances & Features
    3. Lease Terms
    4. Square footage, year built, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. If you are listing with Zillow and their affiliates, half bathrooms can be indicated using a decimal (1.5)
  4. Click on the applicable options under Search Criteria
  5. Begin typing in the city name into the Search City field and choose the city/state from the popup options
  6. Add pictures to your listing by:
    1. Clicking on Choose Files under Pictures
    2. Select pictures from your saved files
  7. At this time, you have the option of creating an instant property description by using the ChatGPT Generate Description feature. In as little as 30 seconds, a captivating description of your rental will be created. For more information about ChatGPT, click here: 

Tip: Once a picture is uploaded, you can right-click the picture for a menu of options that allow you to download, set as primary, change the order, rename, rotate, or remove the file.

Note: As laws may vary, you are also responsible for ensuring that the description created adheres to all local, state, federal laws and fair housing regulations. 


The Publishing section allows you to choose the options best suited for your needs. 

  1. Publish Online Listing -- By checking this box, the listing will display on your built-in website, if enabled in accordance with instructions found on Build Your Own Website or your custom website if your Using Your Own Domain
  2. Accept Online Applications -- Select this to enable your online application. Once enabled, an Apply Now button will display along with your listing on your website, making it convenient for prospective tenants to fill out the application online.  More information on online applications can be found here: Online Applications, Fees & Screening Reports
  3. Enable Syndication -- Select this option to get additional exposure for your rental listing by sending it to third-party rental listing sites across the internet. More information and a list of third-party syndicated sites can be found here: Syndicated Sites.
  4. Click Save Changes when finished

Important Notes:

  • It can take up to 72 hours for the third-party syndicated site to publish, update, or remove your listing. If you don't see your listing within 72 hours, these troubleshooting tips, should help you find the solution: Syndicated Sites | Why Is My Listing Not Showing Up?
  • To disable any option above, un-check the appropriate box and Save Changes.
  • Removing a listing from your website and turning off the online application option occur immediately. 

System Advice: Rental listing syndication works great to promote your residential properties across multiple sites, but is not designed for commercial properties.

How Can Applicants Apply With or Without Syndicating? 

When you are ready to allow individuals to apply for your available rentals, you have a couple of options. While syndicating to public listings is optional, the "publish online listing" and "accept online applications" options indicated above will need to be selected.

To allow individuals to apply:

  1. Direct potential Tenants to your Website to view available properties with application links. 
    1. If you created your custom website provided with your Rentec Direct software, this can be found by going to:
      1. Settings
      2. Website & Branding under Program
      3. Web Address, formatted as
  2. Send a link to your public page of available properties 
    1. Links to your listings can be located by going to:
      1. Properties
      2. Right click on the property to access the menu
      3. Select Marketing Info
      4. Under Resources select
        1. This Property's Public Page for an individual property or
        2. All Public Listings

Share your property listing and application

Tracking Leads

Rentec Direct has created the Lead Management feature to provide you with a powerful tool to attract new tenants and help them find their desired property with ease. We believe this represents a great improvement for your customer service, streamlining your ability to fill vacancies. If you would like to track leads and discover how Rentec Direct's marketing tools will help improve your occupancy rate, click this link:  Lead Tracking

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