Lead Tracking

In order to help you improve your occupancy rates, Rentec Direct offers an easy-to-use Lead Management feature that will help you match tenant prospects to available properties. This feature goes beyond traditional tenant lead tracking systems and automatically matches a prospective tenant to your available properties based on their interests or rental preferences. 

Lead Tracking Basics

Depending on the lead source (email, phone call, or online inquiry) you can create a prospective tenant profile, sometimes referred to as a Guest Card, that contains a tenant lead's interests. If a prospect finds you online they can fill out their own Guest Card about their ideal rental property. 
At a minimum, these criteria include number of bedrooms, bathrooms, a maximum amount of rent and the city of interest. If a prospect calls or emails you, you can create your own Guest Card about them or email them back a link to fill out their own prospective tenant profile on your customized marketing website.  
The system will then automatically scan your properties to find matches based on the prospect’s interests and your available properties that have matching features. For example, if a prospect is looking for a two-bedroom apartment under $1000 in a specific city and state, the system will display all your available properties that fit this criteria as potential matches.

Activating the Lead Tracking System

Before the system offers your or the prospective tenant the option to create a Guest Card you will need to activate the tracking system in settings first. 
In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click Settings.
  2. From Program Setting options choose Program Defaults.
  3. To activate, check the Yes option to 'Use Tenant Lead Matching System'.
  4. Click Save Changes

To View or Add a Lead

Then click the Tenants tab on the navigation bar. You will see in the left actions pane a new toggle selection for Tenants and Leads, allowing you to switch between them.
If your public marketing website is active, visitors will see a Search tab, allowing them to find your properties based on each property’s marketing criteria and description.
If you wish to allow leads to save their own Guest Cards/Property Search from your public marketing site, follow the steps above and set  'Allow Leads to save searches on Listing Site?' to  Yes and Save Changes. 
Prospective tenants can now save their search criteria on your marketing website. They will be sent an email containing links to edit their saved property search or unsubscribe from available property notifications.
Property Searches are linked to the tenant lead’s email address and saved in the system. A tenant lead has the option to revisit or edit his property search by using the email address linked to the original search. If a new property in your account becomes available, the account manager can easily send an automated email to the lead to check out the newly available properties that match their search criteria.

How to add Prospective Tenant Leads

When you add a prospect, only a few pieces of information are required: first name, last name, phone number, maximum rent, and the desired city and state. This is the minimal set of criteria for matching leads to properties and being able to contact them.
In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click Leads List from the main menu.
  2. Click the Add a Lead button.
  3. Enter the Personal Information, Rental Criteria, and Desired Rental Location if any.
  4. Click Save Changes.
The Required Rental Criteria section includes a number of options. If an option is selected, then the property must have that feature in order to come up in the list of matching properties for the lead.

How to Prepare Properties for Search Matching

If you use your custom marketing website in the software, visit the  Marketing Info page for each of your properties and select from the criteria options. Preparing your properties for accurate selection is vital to providing searchable properties. 
In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click Properties.
  2. Right-click on Property and choose Marketing Info.
  3. Add and/or edit to make sure all the Property Identification and Search Criteria are accurate.
  4. Click Save Changes when finished. 

NoteEach time you modify a property's details or marketing information, the system will run a check to see whether it matches any of your leads. And, each time a lead is added or updated, the system will run a check to see whether it matches any of your properties.

Notify Matched Leads

The “Notify Selected” button sends a broadcast email to the entire matched list notifying them that they may visit your property listings site to review new properties meeting their requirements. An individual Lead can be sent the message with the “Notify Lead” selection on the pop-up menu. The message also contains an “unsubscribe” link for leads who wish to opt out of receiving future messages. Unsubscribing will change the lead to Archived status. 

sample email

Marketing Site Property Searches

If you have opted to use Lead Management, prospective tenants visiting your Marketing page can click a Search tab on the navigation bar, providing them with a page of criteria that can be used to find their preferred property in your listings.
The property search system on your Marketing page works within our new Responsive design, ensuring ease of use on mobile devices. Prospective tenants can easily search your properties on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer, ensuring the greatest degree of accessibility.

property search system

If you have enabled the Allow Leads to Save Searches feature in your program settings, the Save button will be visible on the criteria page. The Save your Search page requests some basic contact information allowing you to contact the Lead in the future.
Upon completing the Save process, the Lead is sent an automated email containing a welcome message, along with links to return to edit the search criteria or to unsubscribe. The new Lead will appear in your Lead management system.
Rentec Direct has created the Lead Management feature to provide you with a powerful tool to attract new tenants and help them find their desired property with ease. We believe this represents a great improvement for your customer service, streamlining your ability to fill vacancies.
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