Lead Tracking

Rentec Direct provides an easy-to-use Lead Management feature beyond traditional tenant lead tracking systems. Keep a list of vetted, pre-qualified prospective tenants to fill vacancies quickly and automatically match prospective tenants to available properties based on their interests or rental preferences.

To provide you with more options for pre-qualifying prospective tenants, scheduling showings, sending applications, and tracking Leads, Rentec Direct property management software integrates with Tenant Lead Scheduling | Tenant Turner.

Lead Tracking Basics

Rentec Direct software provides all the tools to quickly manage and move in Leads. Information for leads is entered as a Guest Card that will follow them as they are converted to tenants. Here, you will discover the steps required to:

  • Activate the Lead Tracking options
  • How to Market Searchable Properties
  • How prospective tenants create Guest Cards
  • How you and your team can
    • Add Leads
    • Edit Leads
    • Archive Leads
    • Reactivate Leads
  • Communicating with Leads
    • Notify Leads of potential property matches as they become available
    • Email and text Leads
    • Document communication with Leads
  • Convert Leads into tenants

Activate the Lead Tracking Option

Before the system offers you or the prospective tenant the option to create a, you will need to activate the tracking system using the following steps:
In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click Settings
  2. Under Program choose Program Defaults
  3. Under General Preferences change:
    1. Use tenant Lead matching system to Yes to create and manage Leads as the property manager or landlord
    2. Allow Leads to save searches on listings site to Yes to allow prospective tenants to create Guest Cards on your website, which will become a Lead when saved
  4. Click Save Changes

How to Market Searchable Properties 

It's essential to make sure the property information is up to date. For prospective leads and marketing purposes, you will specifically want to make sure the Rent, Deposit, and for PM clients, the Marketing Manager are correct using the following steps:

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Properties
  2. Right-click the property and select Edit Property
  3. Verify or change:
    1. Default Rent 
    2. Default Security
    3. Property Manager
  4. Click on Update Property
  5. Right-click the property again and select Marketing Info
  6. Enter details about the property that will apply to lead matching and/or syndicated listings. If you haven't had a chance, this is an excellent time to check out the Listing Generator with AI technology.
  7. Under Publishing select
    1. Publish Online Listings for available properties to be displayed on your website. This will need to be selected if you will also be syndicating the listing.
    2. Accept Online Applications if you will be allowing this option
    3. Enable Syndication to make your listing available on syndicated sites
  8. Click on Save Changes

How Prospective Tenants Create Guest Cards

The property search system on your Marketing page works within our new responsive design, ensuring ease of use on mobile devices. When your Rentec Direct provided website has been activated, prospective tenants and leads can easily search your properties on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer and enter their information for current or future available properties. The following steps describe how a prospective tenant can create a Guest Card with minimal information on your website.

Lead Website Search

Pro Tip: Copy and email steps 1-5 below, along with your website, to prospective tenants wanting to create a guest card to be notified of future matches

On your Rentec Direct website, the Lead will:

  1. Click on Rentals, where they will see a list of available properties and a search filter at the top of the page
  2. Enter Requirements such as Rent amount, Bedrooms, Bathrooms, City, State, Facilities 

    1. Rent amount and Desired Location are the only required fields
    2. When a search is performed on your website, the software automatically scans your properties for matches based on the requirements entered, displaying currently available properties that meet their preferences
  3. Click on Save Search
  4. A screen will then be displayed for the Lead to enter their information. Required fields are marked with an asterisk and include:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Phone
    4. Email
    5. Number of Occupants
    6. Move-in Availability Date
  5. Click Save to create a Guest Card

Notes: When a Guest Card is saved

  • The individual will receive a confirmation email allowing them to edit or unsubscribe 
  • A lead will automatically be added to your list of leads

How to Add, Edit, Archive, and Reactivate Leads

The following steps will walk you through quickly updating lead information and status, including adding new leads, updating existing leads, archiving, and reactivating.
In your Rentec Direct account: 
  1. Click on Tenants
  2. Click on Leads List to access the list of current Leads
  3. To include archived Leads, click the dropdown by the search filter and change from Active to All. The pink-colored row reflects archived Leads. 

    Note: To archive or reactivate a Lead, right-click on their name to access the menu and select Archive or Re-Activate
  4. Click the Add a Lead button to create a new Lead
  5. Enter the Personal Information, Rental Criteria, and Desired Rental Location
  6. Click Save Changes

Communicating with Leads

Communication is vital to keeping your properties occupied in a timely manner. 

When a lead is created from your website, the individual will automatically receive an email confirmation with the option to edit their information or unsubscribe; the lead will be added to your list, and communication moving forward is easily managed in your Rentec Direct property management software in one centralized location. 

Communicate with leads

To access options for communicating with leads:

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Tenants
  2. Click on Leads List
  3. Click on Notify All Leads of available properties below the search filter or
  4. Right-click next to an individual lead or click on the three dots to access the menu, which allows the following messaging options
    1. Click Messaging to send an email to the individual
    2. Notify Lead to send the individual a notification about possible matches
      Note: The notification will provide a link to view properties and the option to unsubscribe, which will change their status to Archived
    3. Log Contact Note to keep track of conversations or other communications
    4. Sticky Note can be added for reminders 
    5. Notes & History is where you can see a history of communications with the individual

Sample notification leads receive:

sample lead email

Convert Leads Into Tenants

When a Lead has met your requirements, they can quickly be converted to a tenant, preserving information on the Guest Card to their tenant information.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Tenants
  2. Click on Leads List
  3. Right-click on a Lead or click on the three dots to access the menu and select Convert to Tenant
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