Setting Up Your Online Rental Application Form

Online rental applications give you the power to conveniently collect and organize your rental applicants’ information so you can quickly approve the most qualified tenant for your properties.  

Any rental applicant data collected with the online rental application created in your RentecDirect account is securely stored within your software. This article reviews how to customize your online rental application.
Tip: Once your Online Rental Application is set up, simply send a link for your  custom website  to potential applicants

Customize Your Online Rental Application

Rentec Direct gives you tons of customization options for your rental application. Design and manage online rental application criteria and questions with the instructions below. 

Important Note: Make sure that your rental application complies with your federal, state, and local landlord-tenant laws. 

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. In Program Settings click on Rental Application Defaults.
  3. Select the Yes radio button next to Enable online applications at the top of the page, if you would like your rental applicants to be able to apply online.
  4. Go through the Application Defaults and select which questions and information you'd like to collect on your online rental application.
  5. Click Save Changes when finished.

Collecting Application Fees Online

You have the option to collect application fees online. 

Important Note: Please check with your federal, state, and local laws about how much you are legally allowed to charge for application fees and how those fees must be managed.

In order to collect application fees online, you must set up an Online Payment Processing merchant account. Instructions on how to set up an account for collecting rent online can be found here: Online Payment Processing

Application Fees Cost

Once you have activated your Rentec Direct Merchant Account, all Application Fees collected will be deposited into the bank account that you have configured on each property as the Income Account. 

You will be invoiced a 2.95% convenience fee by Rentec Direct. To have the applicant cover the cost of the convenience fee, you will want to mark up the amount of the Application Fee that you charge. 

Using your Online Rental Applications and Other Marketing Tools

Once you have customized your online application, you can find more information on using the marketing tools in your Rentec Direct account.

Create an Online Rental Ad

Promote your rental vacancies and find your next qualified rental applicant with a beautifully created online rental advertisement. Prospects will be able to apply directly from the rental ad with your online rental application. 

Instructions for setting up an online rental ad can be found here: Marketing your Rental Through Online Listings

Organizing Online Rental Applications that have been Submitted 

Once a prospect has submitted a rental application online, you can view their application, approve an applicant, deny an applicant, and order tenant screening reports within your Rentec Direct account. 

Instructions on how to manage online rental applications that you have received can be found here: Managing Rental Applications

Blank Rental Application Form

You can find a blank, generic rental application to print out and provide to rental applicants here: Rental Application Form

Important NoteEach state has its own legal requirements for rental applications. You may need to modify the example document to meet your state requirements before using it. 

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