Denial Letter (Adverse Action Notice) for Public Records

If you deny a rental applicant based on information received from any consumer reporting agency, you are required by the FCRA to provide them with an adverse action notice.  In order to provide you the most up-to-date and complete information, Rentec Direct aggregates data from many different sources to provide all the reports available. 

Follow this guide to determine which adverse action notice is appropriate.

Denying an Applicant Based on a Nationwide Consumer Report (CREDIT, CRIMINAL, EVICTION)

Use this template to deny an application based on information in a Transunion Credit Report, a nationwide criminal report, or a nationwide eviction report. The bottom of these reports will indicate they originated from Starpoint, Transunion, or CIC Reports.

If you are declining the application based on information obtained within their Transunion credit report or nationwide criminal or nationwide eviction report, use this template.  

Denying an Applicant Based on an Intellicorp Report

Use this template to deny an application based on information in a social security verification report, or any specific state or county level report. This report will indicate the consumer report was provided by Intellicorp. 

Edit the Template

Each of the links above opens a Google document.  If you already use Google Docs, the easiest way to edit and customize the template is to click File, and Make a Copy.  Then edit the contents and save it to your own Google drive account.  If you do not use Google Docs, you can also go to File, Download As, and choose any of the common editable document formats.

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