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Rentec Direct property management software integrates with Tenant Turner's lead scheduling software, so you can list your available rentals and pre-qualify potential tenants, making it easier to list your available rentals and pre-qualify prospective tenants to help you find the best fit that meets your criteria.

When marketing properties through Tenant Turner, it's important to make sure property and marketing information is up-to-date.

Getting Started with Tenant Turner

There are three quick steps to begin using this integration: 

  • Create a Tenant Turner account if you haven't already done so

    To find out more about Tenant Turner's features and flexible price plans, sign up for a Tenant Turner account here: tenantturner.com
  • Create your unique Rentec Direct API key for Tenant Turner (see steps below)
  • Email your Tenant Turner API key to support@tenantturner.com

Pro Tip: Review properties and marketing information to ensure current information is being published

How to Create Your Tenant Turner API Key

The following steps will walk you through creating your unique Tenant Turner API key:

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Tools click on Utilities
  3. Click on API Keys
  4. Click on Create Key under Tenant Turner

Note: Click on the clipboard next to the API key or use ctrl+c to copy

Review Properties

Key information from the property profile will need to be accurate as it is carried to the listings on syndicated sites. 

To review information in the property profile in your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Properties
  2. Right-click on the property and select Edit Property
  3. Verify
    1. Address (When entering the address, select the match displayed by the address verification)
    2. Property Type
    3. Default Rent
    4. Default Security Deposit
  4. Make necessary changes
  5. Click on Update Property

Pro Tip: PM clients will also want to verify which Marketing Manager is assigned to the property 

Update Marketing Information 

Tenant Turner integration with Rentec Direct property management software provides marketing options for available rentals. When using the integration, it's important to have updated Marketing Information and the property set to Publish.

Pro Tip: All information in the Marketing Info will be imported to Tenant Turner, is included in property searches on your website, and displayed on syndicated sites.

The following steps will walk through how to update the marketing information in your Rentec Direct software:

  1. Click on Properties
  2. Right-click and choose Marketing Info
  3. Enter the Details, Search Criteria, and Pictures 
  4. Under Publishing
    1. Check Publish Online Listings to have this property included in your Marketing on your website and Tenant Turner

Pro Tips:

  • Try using the AI Listing Generator tool for a captivating description using the details you've entered
  • When entering the Search City, begin typing the name of the city and select from the options that are displayed

Note: Click here for more information on how to setup Marketing Info

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