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Rentec Direct property management software integrates with a popular scheduling and tenant-showing software, Tenant Turner. With your integration, property details will only need to be entered once and automated services will save you time and help keep properties occupied.

With Tenant Turner's lead scheduling software, you can list your available and upcoming rentals and have automated services such as: pre-qualifying prospective tenants, scheduling showings, sending applications,  and tracking leads. making it easier to list your available rentals and pre-qualify prospective tenants to help you find the best fit that meets your criteria.

Getting Started with Tenant Turner

There are three quick steps to begin using this integration: 

  1. Create a Tenant Turner account if you haven't already done so by going to tenantturner.com
  2. Create your unique Rentec Direct API key for Tenant Turner (see steps below)
  3. Email your Tenant Turner API key to support@rentecdirect.com

Creating Your Rentec Direct API key

The following steps will walk you through creating your unique Rentec Direct API key to import rental listings to Tenant Turner.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Tools click on Utilities
  3. Click on API Keys
  4. Click on Create Key under Tenant Turner
  5. Copy the API key 

Important Note: You can have the option to integrate the available properties from your Rentec Direct account or enter them directly into Tenant Turner. In most accounts, importing the properties from your Rentec Direct account will save you time and data entry.

Preparing Properties

There are no extra steps in preparing properties to be imported to Tenant Turner. You will want to verify the same information you would if you were syndicating the properties yourself and select Publish Online Listings, but do not Enable Syndication as Tenant Turner will be syndicating for you.

The following are a few reminders for preparing your available properties:

  1. Information in the property profile that pulls through to the syndication
    1. Address (When entering the address, select the accurate address displayed by the address verification)
    2. Property Type
    3. Default Rent
    4. Default Security Deposit

Note: Click here for more information on how to Edit Properties

  1. Information in Marketing Info
    All information will pull through to syndication so it's important that this information is complete. Here are a couple of helpful reminders when setting up your marketing page.
    1. Complete all information that applies
    2. Description - If you'd like to be more creative, try using the Generate Description tool
    3. Search City - When entering the Search City, select the accurate city displayed by the verification tool.

Note: Click here for more information on how to setup Marketing Info

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