Build Your Own Enhanced Website ✨

The newly remodeled website includes feature enhancements that allow you to improve the appearance of your rental business website without the need for a webmaster or professional company right through your Rentec Direct account. 

(Sample in "Forest" theme)

Sample in Forest Green Rentec Direct

Important Note: Keeping your data safe and secure is a top priority at Rentec Direct. Website security includes SSL certificates, server hosting, encryption overhead, and firewalls as an enhancement to your website service.

Learn more about SSL Security upgrades for your property management website  

Enable Your Newly Remodeled Website

The newly remodeled custom website is optional at this time and must be enabled to be accessed.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Program, click on Website & Branding
  3. Click on the "Try it now" link

System Note: By default, only the primary administrative user of your Rentec Direct account will have access to edit the new website. Learn more about permission settings to allow subusers access to edit your website here Add Subusers, Managers, and Additional Users to Your Account

Create Your Own Custom Website

Each of the five sections defaults to a common professional property management subject that can be customized to your specifications. Add your text and pictures to the template or create a new format that works best for you.

(Sample in "Dark" theme)

The following steps will walk you through how to create and customize your website.

In your Rentec Direct account:

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Under Program, click on Website & Branding
  3. Click on the Expand icon to view the full page and access each section (click the Collapse link to proceed to advanced settings)
  4. Hove your mouse over the page to view the five customizable sections
  5. Click on the "Show..." button to indicate if you want that section to display live on your website.

    Note: This option is a great feature allowing portions of the website to be available when a section is being updated.
  6. Click directly on text to view the text box and make changes as needed
  7. Click on an image to upload a new image
  8. Check a Phone or email box to add contacts

    Note: This can help streamline contact with appropriate team members
  9. Theme - Select one of the seven color themes offered in the dropdown
  10. Title - The title displays in your visitors' browser, and is also how search engines will show your site in the search results. You can write your own title, or by leaving it blank the system will automatically generate a title that includes your company name and locations
  11. Description - This is a great place to put a description of your company that will appear in search results but does not appear on your website.
  12. Your Logo - Upload your logo to display on your website. This logo will also display on communications through your Rentec Direct account, such as statements, receipts, and letters. You can also upload a unique logo for just your website within the home page editor.
  13. Lighten space behind the logo
    1. This setting applies to the Rentec Direct application to help make your logo stand out. When any user manager, tenant, or owner logs into Rentec Direct, logos made of dark colors may stand out more with a lighter logo background

      Note: This setting does not affect your property website
  14. Web Address - your website url will start with and you can choose to customize the end of the url so it aligns with your brand or company.
    1. For example, a company with the name Glamourous Rentals in Denver, CO may choose, or they could choose to reflect their properties' location. If you pay for another service for your own custom domain, you can find directions for pointing the domain to your Rentec Direct website.

      System Note: Web Addresses created in the previous version will automatically apply to the newly enhanced website.
  15. Advanced Options allows you to:
    1. Configure settings for Using Your Own Domain
    2. Enter your Google Analytics ID for tracking visitors to your site
    3. If you built your website on a different platform, you can access the iFrameURL to integrate your property listing from your Rentec Direct account to your own website hosted outside of Rentec Direct.
  16. At any time, click on
    1. Preview to save your progress and review changes before publishing automatically
    2. Save Draft to save your progress
    3. Publish to allow your website to be accessed and viewed by the public

Pro Tips:

  • Download and save images from the previous design if you would like to add them to your newly designed website
  • While transitioning to the newly designed website, you can click on the "Go back to your old website" link to return to the previous version

Note: If you're interested in a professionally designed website, check out this information from our friends at Cevado .

✨The remodeled Rentec Direct Client Website is part of Rentec Labs ✨

Rentec Labs Feature New features labeled as "Rentec Labs" are just leaving the "lab" (aka our software developers' workshop). A feature included in Rentec Labs has already gone through rigorous internal testing; however, since it is a big new feature it may have had limited testing outside of our offices. Once the feature has been in use externally for some time with no issues, it will leave Rentec Labs. More information on Rentec Labs can be found here: What is Rentec Labs? 

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